April Goal review

It’s now April! That’s three months down. A quarter of the year has ended. Where am I when it comes to my goals? I think I’m doing well.

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  1. Read 12 new books that I never read before
  2. Reread 5 books I have read before.
  3. Sell 40 of my own books.
  4. Publish 4 books.
  5. Write weekly blog posts.
  6. Write weekly facebook posts.
  7. Never let the sink fill with dishes.
  8. Complete four new novels within already made series.
  9. Set up at least fifty recipes for the cookbook.
  10. Help organize Mom’s retirement plans.
  11. Get stronger
  12. Get Cyro their passport

Starting at the top: 12 new books read. I have read The Wild Robot, Matilda, Unstoppable, and Carousel. That’s four of 12, which is a third of the way through the goal at only a quarter of the year.

For the ones I have already read, I have reread The Boxcar Children (bk1) and The Five Dialogues. Also tons of random articles, parts of random books, and my own work (many times over), but they don’t count for my list.

Between the two, I feel as if I haven’t read enough strict books. I want to read from start to finish. And I have a few sitting next to me I want to read. But Cyro ends up dragging me into some new book instead letting me read the ones next to me. (Cyro is at about 100 books read if I was honest. But they’ve only written down like five, so their goal of read a hundred books isn’t complete.)

Sell 40 of my own books. Well… I’ve sold more than 40 free copies. I bought more than 40 copies myself. But I’m at 9 sold copies that granted me profit without being me buying the books. I’m happy with such a number. I’m not quite where I need to be for a quarter sold, but it’s close. Maybe I can get lucky over the rest of the year. 40 books sold isn’t asking too much.

Publish 4 books. I’ve published so far this year Unbelievable, The Secret of Preshift, Crown Princess, Cursed Items: A Series of Shorts, and the Spoon. I’m done with this goal, but I’m still going to be publishing more this year. Wish me luck.

I’ve been keeping up on the facebook/blog weekly posts. I’m set up with double weekly blog posts which automatically post to facebook until August. That’ll be safe until my schedule as is ends.

The dishes have been managed well enough. My family has no idea how much time and effort I put in to keep the sink empty or nearly so. Besides an occasionally pan or pot, nothing has been dirty more than… Nothing has been in the sink more than 24 hours. I cannot say things haven’t been dirty longer than that because well… do they bring it to the sink? No. All of a sudden I have a sink containing dishes with caked on milk and egg. It’s disgusting! I’m moving out first chance I get. Anywhere at all. I don’t care. This place is draining in every sense.

Complete four first drafts in already made series. Mission 9 of Organization is complete. Kura bk 2 is complete. This last month had me editing more than writing. It’s not that I didn’t write, but I wasn’t strict enough to finish a work. Don’t worry about this goal. I’ll get it, no questions. (Actually I did finish Annabella and Ji, but they’re not in an already made series.)

This cookbook… 50 recipes… I really need to press myself to do this. Then I can set up recipes on say Wednesday for the rest of the year. But first I need the recipes. Which I’ve been slacking. It’s not that I’m not creating them. I make pancakes from scratch often. I have a new dish I called Unstuffed Cabbage that is amazing. That I need to write down in my fancy recipe format. I know. This is a fail. I’ll get a ton done at once. I just haven’t yet. Sorry.

Mom’s retirement plans are… I don’t know. She hasn’t been trying to get things done. But she will. And I will torment her more than I do now. This is going to be second half of the year push, though. I know that.

Get stronger. Yes. I am. I can do so much more now that I’m focusing on my diet and keeping up my activities. I’m back to being able to carrying my ten pound backpack to and from B&N. Well… most of the time I can. My reactions are getting worse. The pollution is getting worse. It’s a tough situation. I’m down to moving out, but have no where to go.

Cyro needs their passport. Why? Why the fuck not? They had one before we never used. I’ve been given the run around since I started trying. Now I have all the papers I need *fingers crossed*. Just need to bring them over to the passport office so they can take the papers. Then the government will take a couple weeks (or months) and Cyro will have a fancy little book that lets them visit the world.

So looking over my list…. I think I’m doing really well compared to my goals. On top of this I’ve started working more on marketing and promotions. I have used Amazon giveaways to get my books seen more. Can I do better? Yeah. Imagine if I spent $3k on this like I did getting my REHS license. I would actually have something to show for it. Not that I mind gaining new knowledge. I love knowledge. But knowledge is worthless if you can’t pass the entry interviews, or the website’s fucked up tests, or have a resume worth less than the paper it’s printed on.

So even though I’m succeeding at my goals for the year, I still feel like I suck. It’s not me. It’s life sucks. I’m tired.


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