SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 5 : Mark and Dominik

The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper starts off as any other low brow elf seeking a real place in life.  He didn’t think the real place would be babysitter to a dragon.  Part of him wishes the dragon mother decided on eating him instead of shoving him into this new role.  What was he thinking getting involved with Linda or Hartliebe or thinking he deserved more in life than running a beer company.  Beer is his life.  Or it was.  His life now seems a lot different.  And scary.
Genres: Adventure, fantasy

[WIP: The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper]

Mark and Dominik

The sheep bah as Cyro flies through them with me distantly on his tail.  “I think this one may be…”  Cyro had picked one up with a clawed hand, but something swipes it from him.  It lands on the ground with a frightened bah before chasing down the other sheep.

The shepherd waves his staff at them.  “Let ‘em be.”

“Calm, calm.”  A voice catches my eyes, but no vision of the female attached.  “I am sure I can pay for the sheep you desire.  You know stealing is wrong.”

Now I can see her settled on Cyro’s shoulder while he stands annoyed.  His eyes glare at the sheep, his arms crossed.  She taps his head.  “I hate you.  Mother has no right to…”

“You have a proper guard who is clueless.  I came to meet him or her.”  She looks about spotting me, then gazing right over like I was no more the shepherd apprentice.  That may be considered an insult.  The shepherd is a field elf with the tans and light greens far different from my family tree.

I cough needing to be noticed.

“Please, miss, I really need ta get me sheep on.”  The shepherd motions to his sheep cowering away.

“Where?”  She hops off the dragon’s shoulder hovering perfectly in the air.

“The sixteen I had with me are gonna be sheared by my grammy.  Since me wife died, I ain’t got no one ta help me.”  He leans on his staff.  “You’ve gone and scared ‘em off.  How will I ever get them to Grammy before noontime?”

“Lazy bones.”  She haughtingly scoffs at him.  “Call them to you with your whistle and head on down the lane.”

“No whistle stronger than wha’ ya are.”  He returns with grim determination.

I glance at the dragon.  He eyes the sheep like fast food.  I cannot believe I will actually do this.  “Shepherd, if we collect your sheep, can we have one?”

“I need to shear ‘em all.”  He tugs at his collar.  “But, you can have one if you get ‘em to me grammy before noontime.”

“Who are you?  And who is your grammy?”  I ask looking at Cyro again.  The dragon looks ready to eat one now licking his lips.

“Me name’s Mark.  Me grammy is Dorothy.”  He jumps when Cyro goes after one of the sheep.  It bahs with such fear.

“Stop!”  I hold out the wand not sure if anything will stop the dragon even if it stays within a normal sized form.  Cyro literally stops midair.  Since his magic to hold him breaks with his movement he falls to the ground glaring daggers.  Not at me, but at the sheep as it bounces away.  I walk over to find him stiff and firmly stopped.

The girl elf, who finally looks me over, smiles.  “So you are the new guardian of Cyro.”  She zooms over to me flying around me so fast I cannot see the movement.  “You look gaudy.  Ugly even.  I bet you failed all your classes at school.”  She smirks stopping to hovering before him.  Her wings buzz as they break through the air with wicked speed.

“No.”  I gulp at her powerful gaze.  “I passed one.”  Her smirk turns into a vicious grin.  I am so dead meat.  “I was the sacrifice.”

“Most are.”  She spins a little.  “I chose this life.”  Her body ends up hovering over Cyro touching his arm gently.  “Even a nobody like him will beat you if you do not grow up.”

“It was Mother’s magic!”  Cyro huffs out forcing his body to move again.  By now the shepherd managed to get his sheep to move on.  May haps we will not be needed.  Or I will not be needed.  As if those two will help a random stranger.  “I cannot defeat her.”

“So says you.”  The girl flips her hair landing on the ground daintily.  I gaze over her petite form.  The clothes she wears matches her wispy lifestyle.  Her perfectly formed translucent wings dazzle behind her.  Then I reach her face.  Oval and perfect.  She is the epitome of perfection for forest elves.  Why would she choose to be a dragon’s servant?  “Who are you, I said.”  She grabs my arm during my review of her body and I pull in a breath.

A light coughing has her back off and looking at Cyro.  The dragon annoyed for missing dinner only wipes himself off.  Once my fit is done, I manage, “Dominik.  I am Dominik.”

She shakes her head sending curls of strawberry blond everywhere.  I never noticed it go from pulled back to open and free.  “Dominik is an ugly name too.”  Her upper lip raises showing off white teeth.  “Whatever.  I am Cat.  You will call me Miss Cat.”  She turns to Cyro.  “And when I return I expect proper behavior out of you.”

“Yes.”  The dragon bows his head.  The drop in him has me wonder whether this perfect elf was not an elf.  She might even be a dragon herself.  That would make sense.

“Toodles.”  She waves a few fingers at the pair of us before zipping off.  Her flight speed unmatched, even by Cyro who left me in the dust.

“Mother said once I get my own guardian she would leave me alone.”  Cyro frowns at the figure gone but not forgotten.  “It’s your job to keep her from reaching us.”  He stares at me.

“How am I to do that?”  I step back shocked by his glare.

“Don’t care.  Keep Miss Nosy away.  Mother always bothers me.  I’d rather not be caught by her number one.  You will be good enough to watch me.”  He sets off by wing.  This time he slows enough for me to follow.  “We’ll go find that Shepherd.  He may know where Terrick is.”  I have no choice but to follow the crazy dragon child.

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