Poem: Missing You

((Well this turned into a poem for a funeral.))

Missing You

Staring at the road,
the window,
the closet…
You were there only a moment ago.
Lost now into only memories
gone are the days where you stayed…

Living in the past,
I question
who? why?
Left without any answers
I only stare
rolling back time to show me
our happiness.

Loss.  I’m lost.
I can’t.
It’s fleeting.
Missing you shouldn’t be this way.
Your place is empty.
Your chair missing…
Your dreams ended.
Our dreams ended…

Missing you forever
and ever;
Will there be a real chance for me?
Will I always be missing you?
Whatever the future holds,
I know it’s not you.
I weep.
The tears sting the open wounds.

Breaking free of the capture;
the words,
they matter.
As much as the tears sting,
they also clean,
and one day,
after releasing an ocean,
I know
I won’t always be missing you,
but I’ll never forget you.

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