Poem: F’in’ A

I was an adult when I finally got this written down.  It’s been one of those I couldn’t put into words although been stewing for a while.  Still this was more than a decade ago.  I’ve been an adult for longer than a decade.  Ew.

F’in’ A

What would become a curse
Is quickly simmered down
To a mediocre setting.

The standard for my mother
Is set upon myself.

Upset at all the grief,
All the torture unending,
Is cause for the release
Of this unwanted saying.

No one really prefers it
Over some of the lesser ones.

Cursing is not allowed
Even with my own friends
For sparks will be given out
And anklets are not the trend.

What once would have been a curse
Is now something over looked.

If only those in authority
Understood what it meant to live
As a child in this land,
They would not reprimand.

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