Poem: Desert Turtle

Written for my nephew.  I colored in this beautiful complex scene of a turtle crawling sand dunes. 

Desert Turtle

Leaving the seas behind and
Reaching out towards open land,
This is where my story began.
I never thought that it would be so cold
When the wind blows and the sun goes.
Drifting over dunes of sand
Looking and searching for the promised land;
I want to see those much like me
Who left the seas in search of trees.
Somewhere I will seek my end.
On surf I lost, in weeds I win,
At least according to my friends.
Those friends of mine, I do seek out
And they are no where to be found.
The turtles that left before
To never return any more
I seek them, where could they be?
I want to find my friends beyond the seas.
Could vultures hide them from my sight?
Did the dunes cover them at night?
Maybe they found another sea?
Or maybe they seek out me?
I want to find my friends beyond the seas,
So thus, I left the watery deep
And far and wide as the winds go
And the sand blows and the sun rolls,
This I will search forever more
Until I find my long lost hoard.
The seas they left for gone, for good,
And I will no longer wait for them.
Searching across this harsh cruel land
Is me and my loneliness.

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