Stream of Conscious 2

Yesterday I posted my stream from the previous night. So I want to give update because Blackpink concert was last night. [About Cat Hartliebe]

Blackpink was so amazing!

I actually got to see them and hear them and it was so awesome. the ticket seats were right in front on the first collection of seats. My phone can’t do that video level, but I could see everything no trouble. (Floor seats would have been standing only which is…)

My friend and I never went to the concert hall before. We ask directions and sought help every turn until we were certain we knew where we were going and how to get there. As much as Cyro would have loved it, it was better he didn’t go. I’m certain of that. Although when Jennie wanted the “Baby Blinks” to scream, I wish Cyro went. I’m still all hyped over the concert.

They sung and danced. I got to hear the band play. During the middle we saw the full ad by KIA that Blackpink created. It was adorable. I bet they were happy to pretend race car drive. It’s not something they’d be allowed to do. (I also don’t suggest race car driving to people in general. Dangerous hobby.)

Honestly my only negative was the spaces between their songs. We got several “intermission” like situations where they played the ad or music or something. Hopefully next time they double team. But if they did, could the stadium hold it? Would it be possible and even if say Big Bang and Blackpink were together on stage? Because if the two can sell out concerts by themselves, it would be difficult to have a duo and have it be even. What would happen if they chose a far less well known option?

It reminds me of The Warped Tour down in AC. They have big ticket liners and then smaller local bands that are being brought up by the big headliners.

This concert would have been better if we had someone or something actively going on during the breaks. Not that I think Blackpink should sing and dance two hours straight. That’s too hardcore even for them.

Oooooh I haven’t mentioned the special guest!  Dua Lipa finally got to perform the song Kiss and Make Up with Blackpink. They collabed on the song, but with the busy schedules at the time, they couldn’t perform together. Finally they were both in NYC at the same time. It was planned. It was almost obvious based on Instagram posts. I totally didn’t put two and two together! Dua Lipa came out singing her parts of her song then Blackpink joined her rounding out the song perfectly. They were all lovey on stage too. You could tell these guys are friends; they’re close. I’m so lucky!

This really was so much luck. I normally don’t get lucky. I use logic to figure things out. I weigh options and stats and seek the best option. This was pure luck. And I feel extremely lucky. I have to thank KIA over and over again. I doubt I’ll have anything this amazing in a very long time.

If future circumstances provide me with another option similar in nature, I think the train earlier would be the better option. It means I have to carry a bag which will be searched, but it will be worth it. Cyro can come with me by train. He may end up falling asleep on the way back. I knew the drive back would be a little too much.

Although, I could’ve done it. I didn’t have a major reaction. I was mostly tired and a touch hungry. Those make for a poorer driver, but I wasn’t totally out. I can’t believe I went to a huge concert and didn’t feel like hell afterwards.

The only troublesome ones were a couple of drunks who sat near us. Mostly it was funny. But they were troublesome. I hope they didn’t create a bigger mess than what I saw. The staff doesn’t deserve that.

Thank you everyone who helped make my night so amazing. Those who worked. Those who were around me and didn’t fuck me over. Thank you past me for trying to win tickets. Thank you to my friend for coming with me and driving. Thank you for my family for letting me go in the end. And for Cyro being good enough for me to leave him all evening (I bloody well hope).

Blackpink is so amazing!

[About Cat Hartliebe]

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