SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 11 : Joshua and Dominik

The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper starts off as any other low brow elf seeking a real place in life.  He didn’t think the real place would be babysitter to a dragon.  Part of him wishes the dragon mother decided on eating him instead of shoving him into this new role.  What was he thinking getting involved with Linda or Hartliebe or thinking he deserved more in life than running a beer company.  Beer is his life.  Or it was.  His life now seems a lot different.  And scary.
Genres: Adventure, fantasy

[WIP: The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper]

Joshua and Dominik

The witch’s cottage sits in a small glade.  On each side of the cottage another house of similar nature sits.  The witch’s cottage has a worn sign hanging above it with ‘Witch’ in crude letters.  To the left, a summery cottage speaks of lazy afternoons in the shade.  To the right, a stark cottage speaks of school and teaching.  I am very unsure how to respond to the trio of cottages.  Cyro goes to the one with the sign.  He knocks before entering, but still enters without allowance.

A man spots us first.  He could be an elf older than me with signs of magical blood.  He blinks shaking his blond hair behind him.  “You came here because…?”  His light conceding air makes me wish I could find the key somewhere else.  Anywhere else.  Good thing this elf, whoever he is, cannot be Veronica.

Cyro speaks forward.  He has no idea he was disrespected, or disrespectful.  “I’m Cyro.  I am looking for Veronica.  Could she be here?”

“She went to the market with her daughter.  They’ll be back in an hour.”  He turns to whatever he was working on before we entered.  “You can wait outside.”

I stare at his stuff.  It sounds like we are not welcome here.  Shrugging, I turn about and exit the cottage.  The sunlight and fresh air suits me far more than the stranger inside of the middle cottage.  It stank and had a weight of life inside.  Mold probably.

Cyro scoffs while leaving.  “He kicks us out.”

“Do you really wish to be inside?  He cannot stop you.”  A smirk passes my lips.  I can stop him.

The dragon drops to the ground at my feet.  “I have better things than fight a guy who doesn’t know me.”

“We need to celebrate then.”  I look inside.  Drinks should be had.  “Champagne for your figuring that out would be good.”

“Why not use the wand?”  Cyro does not look at me while speaking.  He pokes at the dirt.  “Dragon magic can make anything.”

“It can?”  My hand reaches the wand.  The second question being should I?

“Yeah.  Mother probably set it up so that a word is enough for you.  I doubt she requires real spells.”  A long sigh leaves the dragon lying on the ground.  “I miss the cave.”

“You can always go back.”

A glare reaches me.  “No.  Terrick is a scary place.  I need to prove myself so Georgiann lets me read the next book.”

“About Kevin Hopper?”

“Yeah.”  The sharp nod has me slink down to the ground.  My wand comes out as I look at the ground before me.  “Table.”  A table appears out of the blue and low for the height I am at.  That helps.  I can sit on the ground and drink.  “Champagne flutes.”  Two flutes appear on the table bubbling like they should.  “Dragon Cyro, here.”

The dragon rolls over looking no less dirty than before he laid down.  His magic keeps him looking perfect.  Dragon magic is that powerful.  “You should ask that guy in there to join us.”

His eyes do not look truly interested with inviting the elf.  A shrug leads me back to the door.  A simple knock and inside I go.  The demon spell going on inside has me step back.  “Elf, are you okay?”  I should’ve asked a name.

“NO ELVES CAN ENTER WITHOUT MY SAY!”  The demon peers at me connected through the spell.  My eyes stray past him to the elf unconscious.  This was probably not allowed.  “BECOME MY SLAVE, ELF.”  His foreboding voice would have made me terrified a few weeks ago.  I would beg for Jay to show up.  Or the Lord.  I wonder how Linda is doing as Lord.  Next time I see Hartliebe, I will question about my old town.  “DO NOT IGNORE ME.”

I glance up at him holding my wand out.  “Dismiss.”  The spell releases dragging the demon back into the hell he came from.  “Some people should not play with magic.”  Shaking my head, a chuckle passes my lips.  I am one of the people who should not play with magic.  “Hey, Elf.”  I kick the guy who sent us out.

He groans.

With a long sigh, I wield my wand again.  “Heal.”  A whiff of magic passes into the elf with a slight bluish hue.

He coughs at the ground.  “I am fine without you, Heather.  Go away.”

Now I have some new completely useless knowledge.  “Guy, I am no Heather.  I was asking you if you wanted to join me and Dragon Cyro for some Champagne.  We’re celebrating.”

“Celebrating?”  He stares at me confused.  Then he remembers the spell.  “What happened to…”

“Dismissed him.  If you aren’t ready to draw on those types of magics, then don’t.  Focus on the easy stuff.”  I wave it off.  “Now did you want to join or not?”

“You?”  His stare could be called rude.  His lack of answer is ruder.  “You dismissed him?  But…”

“I am the first and currently only slave to Dragon Cyro.  I am a horde piece.  That means I can use their magic.  And your spell lacked.  The openings were wider than the Grand Canyon.  You are not ready for magic of that magnitude.”  Waving that away, I hold out a hand.  “So come celebrate Dragon Cyro giving you some space like he is supposed to.”

“I don’t understand.”  He follows me outside though.

After a quick word another flute sits on the table.  “Be glad you don’t understand.  Be glad you will not even remember us after we leave.”

He glances at the dragon drinking a flute that is never empty.  “I doubt I will be able to forget.”  The elf plops down taking the flute of champagne into his hand.  “I’m Joshua, by the way.  Currently I am Veronica’s apprentice.  Since her daughter does not wish to follow the craft, I am to take her place.”

“Nice to meet you, Joshua.”  Once at the table, I hold my flute up.  “Cheers to Dragon Cyro for following basic manners.”  A couple of clinks and the wait for Veronica to return begins again.  Joshua seems too bewildered to have a conversation.  I am glad for the quiet and rest.  A few sips makes me want food.  Another wave of my wand and a cheese platter sits on the table.  A good break.

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