Poem: Nothing Left

Hey, you know how I’ve mentioned depression?  It mostly stems from inability associated to my medical concerns.  Most people get depressed if they’re literally trapped in bed unable to do anything.  Still…

Nothing Left…

I feel so alone….
Nothing matters…
So why must I live this dreaded life,
Just so others can have comfort.

I don’t care about those others,
That make me suffer like this.
I care about those that care I live,
But care about those that love me for me.

I want to live in some ways;
I want to die in others.
To live, to die, to care to be,
How might this summary be enough?

Begone, demons, begone.
I need no longer to feel scared.
I need no longer to die.
I need no longer to live.

Let me be to decide,
So I know what I want.
Not having others decide my fate.
Go away, demons, begone!

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