Goals 2019 Am I Succeeding?


2019 Goals
May is about over. Which is month five of the year. Let’s see how I’m handling my goals for the year.

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1. Read 12 new books that I never read before.
2. Reread 5 books I have read before.
3. Sell 40 of my own books.
4. Publish 4 books.
5. Write weekly blog posts.
6. Write weekly facebook (and twitter) posts.
7. Never let the sink fill with dishes.
8. Complete four (first drafts) new novels within already made series.
9. Set up at least fifty recipes for the cookbook.
10. Help Mom organize her retirement plans.
11. Get stronger.
12. Get Cyro’s passport.

For five, six, and seven, I’m managing good habits there. My blog is set up for double posts minimum until the end of July. As I get closer, I’ll continue for the next few months getting double posts. One is poems and the other is a story. Those auto-post to facebook and twitter. Plus I’ve been active on Instagram. Nothing has really gotten my books sold, but at least more people know I exist… maybe. With seven… I’m managing it well enough. The dishes aren’t getting overwhelming.

Back to the top.

Read 12 new books and reread 5 books. My rereading has already been finished by a lot.


List of books read 2019  (NB: new book)  (RR: reread)

  1. Miro the Dragon (RR) translation
  2. The Wild Robot (NB) without humans
  3. The Boxcar Children (RR) published before birth
  4. The Five Dialogues (RR) well worn
  5. Unstoppable (NB) started never finished
  6. Matilda (NB) classic
  7. Carousel (NB) not trad pub
  8. The Cottontail (NB) another country
  9. The Lorax (RR) MC not protag
  10. Little Blue Truck (RR) color
  11. Five Little Pumpkins (RR) number
  12. The Tale of Peter Rabbit (RR) animals as named character
  13. The Tale of Benjamin Bunny (RR) read out loud
  14. The Book With No Pictures (RR) <100 without pictures
  15. Pokemon Prepare for Trouble (RR?) meant for children
  16. Piggy and Gerald: The Thank you Book (RR) meta
  17. Piggy and Gerald: Waiting is not Easy (RR) no humans on cover
  18. The Dragon and His Grandmother (RR?) w/out talking first
  19. King Thrushbeard (RR?) royalty
  20. Funny Flash Fiction Collection (RR) unknown gender author
  21. Princeless (RR) graphic
  22. A Little Princess (RR) hundred w/ pic
  23. Endless Quest Big Trouble (NR) magic
  24. The Tail of the Serpant and the Cat (NR) recommended
  25. Homework Hassles (RR) Male mc by female
  26. Cyro’s Bunnies Story (RR) favorite author
  27. Haunted in Hollywood (NR) before gifting

Still need a few more new reads, though to reach 12. But by trying for this 90 book a year challenge I’ll definitely succeed.

Sell 40 books. I’m not doing half bad. I’m at 17, I think. I could be a touch wrong. still 17 isn’t truly a bad total. It’s nearly half way through the year and I’m about half way through my goal. The reason I question the number is I don’t want to count the free ones or my giveaways. If I include those, I’m far over the number. I’m pretty sure I’m over 100 books if the free options are included.

  1. Complete four (first drafts) new novels within already made series.

In the last two months, I didn’t start a new novel. Nor did I complete it. I’ll get one done in November. Right now, I’m focusing on rewrites. A rewrite is probably more important than getting another first draft done. Although Teen Test Train Junior Year is probably on the list to work on.

  1. Set up at least fifty recipes for the cookbook.

My recipe book is not coming along. Sorry. My skills have progressed. My cookbook hasn’t.

  1. Help Mom organize her retirement plans.

I can help Mom only so much. Things will change in this as we move closer to her retirement in August. She wants to sew for a living. It’s not to make a ton of money but help her out with little things. She loves to sew. And if society was different, she would have been a seamstress. It’s hard to find profit in such a field nowadays.

  1. Get stronger.

I am most definitely stronger. Not hundred perfect push ups in a row stronger, but I can swing my 70+ lb child around still. I don’t drop just from a little heavy lifting. And my fainting hasn’t been due to working my body too much. My muscles are back! My lungs aren’t… I’ll keep trying.

  1. Get Cyro’s passport.

Cyro has their passport. Yay! That was a fight and a half. Now we can leave the country. Who wants a visitor? Hahaha. Actually the two vacation ideas are a day trip/ weekend trip to Canada or a full week trip to Korea. Why Canada? It’s a day trip and cold. I like cold. Not that I mind our beach plans this summer. Why Korea? Because Munchkin is going for black belt this year. If they want to be serious, I want to show them where Taekwondo began. It would be something else to see it myself. Seoul is a big enough city where I think we can handle a week with minimum language ability.

Don’t laugh at me. I’ll get more words and sentences figured out before then.

So overall, the goals list is going well.

If only this really made a difference in some way.


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2 thoughts on “Goals 2019 Am I Succeeding?”

  1. This may not seem like a huge deal but from my calculations I sold 27 books over the course of this year already.
    Thanks friends and family.
    I could also be counting horribly wrong.


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