Poem: My Most Prized Possession: A Memory

(Happy Father’s Day!  My father doesn’t have as many poems written for him.)

My Most Prized Possession: A Memory

It was early.
Very early for me.
The sun was not yet up.
School would not start.

I was young.
Before Dad got cancer.
Before I thought dolls were overrated.
But I remember it well.

Still half asleep in my pjs.
My mother woke me up.
She had since gone back to bed.
Dad was heading off to work.

Sitting in the front seat.
Of this large blue van.
I was asleep.
But I felt like an empress.

My brothers could not come.
This was My trip.
I would see Nan and Pop Pop.
They would be jealous.

Driving north on the parkway.
Dad woke me up to say,
“Cathy, look the sun rises.”
I look amazed at the beauty.

That smile I had.
It meant a lot to Dad.
At that moment during the ride.
I knew: I loved my dad.

Much has happened since.
But not enough to make me forget.
The day that started perfect.
Just me and Dad in the front seat.

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