As many of you who read my blog know, I have a goal to get stronger.

Well, I proved it this past week.
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For Cyro’s Taekwondo Running Test, I ran a third of it with them. I was tasting blood, which is normal for me, but I made it. I did a third of a mile in only a few minutes. It was to make sure Cyro didn’t walk the entire way. My boost had them finish in a normal time. (Really, it was my annoyance.)

A few days after that point, Master Woo was teaching the parents how to help their child outside of Taekwondo class. That meant we joined class. How did I wish I hid outside during!

kicking pad

It was kicking and punching properly. It was showing the children how to hold the pads for others and how the parents hold the pads. I know how to hold the pads. As does Cyro. They were still being difficult. They’re normally difficult. After the punching and kicking session, we were then told to do 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 10 squats. It’s normal. Munchkin does them basically every day. I have them doing 10 sets of 10 often enough. But me? Could I? I had to try. Push ups are hard. I wasn’t sweating from the punching and kicking. I can do those pretty much indefinitely. But push ups? Man, I was sweating before finishing two. But I kept going. I wanted to show munchkin I could. I never did 10 in a row before. Ten in a day? Yeah. Five in a row? Yeah. But I never managed ten push ups in a row. I was always the sickling. I was always lame.

I did it. I did ten push ups in a row. I was exhausted. Sit ups were impossible right away. I tried. My body literally didn’t bend. Wow. I waited for Cyro to finish their ten push ups and we did sit ups together. By then, just a few extra seconds, I was easily able to do ten sit ups. Ten sits up is like nothing for me. I pulled off those 30 sit ups in a minute without any issue for my entire life. So ten sit ups? Piece of cake. After the brief rest anyway. Push ups are brutal.

To finish the parental training session, we did ten squats. Just ten. It’s really attention stance to horse riding stance and back. Not exactly hard. Nor is it really easy. But ten is a small number in this case. I was fine. Cyro and I had a training session on how to do it right a few months ago. They don’t hold horse riding stance properly. That’s why when they did the horse riding stance test, which is just to hold the stance as long as possible, Cyro failed within a minute. They keep wanting to bend over. When riding a horse, you must keep your back straight. It’s important to have proper posture. The stance is basically what position you make riding a horse. Except these kids probably never did that before.

Now I was proud of myself at this point. Like really, really proud. I did a third of a mile run, although it was more of a jog. I did ten push ups, sit ups, and squats. In a row. Very proud. Just two days ago, I bumped the proof of my strength even more.

Raritan Powwow
Not the friendship dance.

Cyro and I went with two of our friends to a Powwow. It was awesome. I spent what little money I had on pretty things. I got to listen to stories and watch dances.

And I was invited to the Friendship Dance. It’s not uncommon for the dancers to pick “friends” from the audience to do the Friendship Dance.  I was picked. I was down. Much of the dance is stomping because of the noise makers on their ankles.

I didn’t realize how tough that was. I was trying to keep up and follow the patterns. The leader explained everything. I still got lost on the left and right. It was a circle. The leader was directly opposite me. So I kept switching which foot. I also was very focused on my feet instead of everything around me. But for the most part I got it. Simple dance for newcomers. I would totally agree to do it again if asked.

I came back with intense pain in my calves though. They had just stopped hurting because of the running I did before. So they ended up screaming at me for all the stomping. Still, it was worth it. The people I was sitting next to said I did a great job. My friend even took video.

Really it only proves as long as you keep going when on stage no one notices the imperfections. I did dance. I love dance. Wish I could join a dance troupe. Certain things seem impossible.

All in all, over about one week, I proved myself multiple times I have gotten stronger. I am really proud of myself. It’s only been a few days, yet I feel better. I don’t have that initial pain that comes from overuse. The dance was tough, but it didn’t fit overuse.

I can’t wait for my next event where I can dance. I’m going for a record: more than a full hour just dancing. That’s hard to manage because of water. Last time I did nearly that, I was dizzy from lack of water. I would love to pull off two hours of straight dancing. With short breaks for water, of course. The longer you dance, the more you need.

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