SS The Dragons Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 18 : Aimee and Dominik

The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper starts off as any other low brow elf seeking a real place in life.  He didn’t think the real place would be babysitter to a dragon.  Part of him wishes the dragon mother decided on eating him instead of shoving him into this new role.  What was he thinking getting involved with Linda or Hartliebe or thinking he deserved more in life than running a beer company.  Beer is his life.  Or it was.  His life now seems a lot different.  And scary.
Genres: Adventure, fantasy

[WIP: The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper]

Aimee and Dominik

The fact I know Aimee is a Mad Hatter makes me questionable about going to see her.  But the fact Cyro has an interest in her means a chance for minor rest and food.  I hope.  Perhaps she has family.  Since the pirates separated years ago, many have moved on.  Erin has a business and a husband.  Jess and Amanda work in that bar.  Dorothy, the captain, cares for sheep and her fake grandson.

“There it is!”  Cyro points at the house in the middle of no where.  Farm house, I assume.  I also know nothing about the Mad Hatters seem normal.  “Aimee’s house.”

The fake excitement I offer him is readily accepted.  He has no idea I really don’t care about the pirates.  The reason he does is they offer knowledge about Terrick.  This stupid isle may end up killing me.  If Cyro does not figure out a way to do so beforehand.  The worst part is he wouldn’t mean to.  It just might happen.  If I was even a touch slower on the uptake, I would have already kicked the bucket.

Cyro lands on the porch knocking casually.  Manners.  He finally has a level of politeness.  That champagne really was worth it.  And I figured out new spells to go with his new manners.  “Mistress Aimee!”

The door opens wide to a little girl.  She stares at us with such a powerful gaze I would think she is no child, nor an average elf.  She looks it though.  Sounds it when she calls, “Mom!”

We step into the house with her leaving the door wide open.  The scrawny looking elf that comes running to us at first makes me think she’ll break like a twig.  That is until the pirate look hits us dead on.  “Who wants me?”  That sounds more like a challenge than a greeting.  Can it even be called a greeting?  Probably not.

Cyro nods his head.  “I heard Aimee of the Mad Hatters lived here.”

“Captain is not looking for us to start up again.  I told her last year: no.”  Aimee shakes her head moving to another room.  We are quick to follow.  I am not even sure why I am following, minus the idea I don’t wish to be alone in this massive farmhouse.

“Dorothy told me about Terrick and I have been on the quest to meet the Mad Hatters since.”  Cyro explains.  “I’m Cyro, by the way.”

“And him?”  She glances at me.  “The not quite elf behind you?”

I offer a hand that is ignored.  “Dominik.  As far as I know I am all elf.  Just owned by Dragon Cyro here.”

“Dragons.  Stupid Dorothy getting involved in dragons again.”

“Excuse me.”  The foreboding voice has me turn.  Standing there in dark beauty is a male creature.  His atmosphere and comment has me think dragon.  “You did not seem so bothered with me.”

“I was bothered alright.  Captain decided upon hearing of the dragon on the Cliffside, she HAD to meet him.  Now look at me.  Six half breeds, an always hungry dragon husband, and request night and day to start up the Mad Hatters.  I said no.  And I can’t seem to keep it.”

The dragon steps into her area tugging her chin up with a grin.  “Say you love me, Aimee.”

Aimee smiles at him even annoyed.  “I love you Derrick.  Now we have to figure out dinner for the little guys.”

“Later.  I should take them on a real flying lesson.  I can even show them a real baby dragon in case they wish to follow Papa.”  He smirks at Cyro.  My companion jumps a little in the gaze.  “Treat the guests rightly, Aimee.”

“As if I have a choice.”  She smirks as he walks off with purpose.  That is an elder dragon.  Why does he have an interest in this elf?  “Well?”  Cyro looks at her then back where the dark dragon went.  Without a real word he follows him.  I am not following him.  I’d rather deal with the elf.  “So, elf slave…”

“Are you one?”

“No.”  She frowns looking away.  “Not completely.  I’m marked yes.  But he cannot control me.”

“Dragon Cyro cannot control me either.”  I pull out the wand.  “Actually I am his babysitter.  Dragon Hartliebe is my owner.  I don’t know if I really am her slave.  But I am claimed by her.”

“I see.”  Aimee shrugs walking into another room.  A kitchen this time.  “Well, you can help me cook.  I figure you know your way around meat as his babysitter.”

“Nope.  He likes it raw and terrified.”

“Stupid dragons.”  Aimee sighs clacking things in the sink.

A whimper comes from under the table.  Aimee kneels before it pulling the tablecloth out of the way.  “Melanie, you should be out with your father and his lessons.”

“I don’t wanna be a dragon.  You hate dragons.”  She whimpers still.

Aimee picks up the girl I met at the beginning of this visit.  She is one of six kids.  That’s insane.  “I don’t hate dragons.  I love you and your siblings.  I love your dad too.  Dragons are just very different from elves.”

“But I can’t be a real elf.”

“I’m sorry sweetheart.  A half breed will be more dragon than elf.  That is the way of things.”

“I want to be an elf.”  She cuddles against her mother.  “But I’ll never look like one.  I’ll be bulky like him.”  She points at me.

Aimee looks at me then at Melanie.  “Do I see dragon glamour?”

“I guess so.  Mom, I really hate being a dragon.”

Aimee hugs her daughter closer.  After putting her down, she goes back to the meal work.  “Well, I can see where you can go to be an elf without looking out of place.”

“Excuse me.”  I stop their conversation.  “My size was needed because of my family’s job.  Beer kegs require bulk for real use.”

Aimee glances at me squeezing her eyes a little.  “Your bulk came because of your dragon blood.  Bulk does not just appear on a normal elf.”

“I…”  I stop looking at Melanie staring at me.  “Wait, what?”

“It would also explain your ease with the dragon wand and using dragon magic.  Did you always understand dragon lore and such like?”  Aimee speaks while fixing things for dinner.  “How about when you accidentally ate something considered poison for elves?”

A long pause has me trying to breath.  No way do I have dragon blood.  No.  That is not why my family is bulky.  That is not why I am bulky.  I am an elf and I need my bulk for…

“When an elf manages to gain bulk, they cannot fly right.  How are your flight abilities?”  Aimee does not even look at me while speaking.

Thinking on it, my mother cannot fly with the kegs in her arms.  I figured it was due to the fact she did not have the same experience I did growing up around it.  This makes too much sense.  “Can you stop before my head explodes?”

“Sure.”  She finally glances my way.  “But you can let Melanie know being an elf with dragon blood will leave her outside of society not inside.  She is better off going toward dragons like you.”

“This was not exactly a choice.”  I motions to myself.  “It was this or my village being destroyed.”

“Nice guy, you are.”  She smirks.  “How about you take Mel out to the field to watch the other kids fly around?  Even if she does not want to be a dragon, elves fly too.”

“Yeah, okay.”  I glance to the girl.  Without any effort required, I pick her up and take her outside without protest.  I need to come to terms with having dragon blood.  Just not right now.

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