Fantastic Baby Word Crawl

Fantastic Baby is a song by Bigbang. And yes I am referencing them. Please check out their super awesome video.

The video and the song are owned by them. I’m not trying to steal it. I’m just trying to get my child to write their words. It didn’t work. Still, I made it with a kid’s low word count in mind. Have fun with it if you’re interested. #wordcrawl

Fantastic Baby Word Crawl

Word crawls are meant to boost word counts quickly. You can take anything and turn it into a word crawl. This one will be based on the Big Bang song Fantastic Baby. Given I make word crawls for my child (Adults should have higher expectations). Still this is a short and overall easy word crawl. Good luck!

Welcome to the stage BigBang! Pick your favorite:

G-Dragon: Start quickly by pulling off fifty words in two minutes.
Taeyang: Thaw the draft by rewriting the last paragraph.
Daesung: Build up the momentum by writing twenty five words.
TOP: Start strong by writing two full sentences.
Seungri: Have a never give up attitude by completing a paragraph.

With the crowd filled with excitement, the first note of Fantastic Baby comes on. It’s a frenzy. Focus on the song and singers. (Write twenty five words.)

Gdragon starts the song making the crowd even louder. You might even faint from the insanity of seeing him live. (Write twenty words to calm down.)

Nothing like Gdragon asking you to party. You can recall his Rapunzel looks in the video. It may have been a few years since then, but he still turns heads. (Write thirty words admiring Gdragon.)

Now the first switch off. Taeyang can really sing. His voice goes through you. (Write twenty words just to guarantee your heart’s working.)

First chorus has you moving and dancing just like they ask. Perhaps you cannot dance as good as those on stage, but you’ll try your hardest. (Word Sprint: 2 minutes. The number of words is how skilled you are dancing)

Another stanza by Gdragon. You may have no idea what he’s saying, but you’re down to scream with the crowd. (Write thirty words.)

Here it comes: TOP’s rap. Are you ready? I hope so. Try to keep up. (Word sprint: 5 minutes. 50 words or bust.)

How does he do it? The song continues. You sing out with your favorite feeling as if nothing else exists in this world.

Taeyang: Finish off the paragraph.
Daesung: Write twenty five new words.

Another chorus. You got this. You can sing AND dance to Bigbang’s famous song. (Write thirty words.)

Then TOP adds to the chorus with his boom shakalaka-s. The video comes to mind again. The dog knew how to dance. You have to do better than that. (Write twenty five words.)

Ready for the cat part? Of course. Seungri goes into his short stanza. Cheer him on. (Write twenty words.)

Whenever TOP and Gdragon join forces the song just reaches another level. This song only knows how to reach the next level. Scream louder. It’s the only way. (Write twenty words.)

Taeyang and Daesung’s repeat. Can you match Daesung’s high note? Go for it. (Word sprint: 2 minutes.)

The final chorus. Sing and dance along with Bigbang. Who knows when the next time you’ll see them live? (Write twenty five words.)

TOP manages a perfect ten on his final booms. Are you succeeding as well as he did? (Write twenty five words.)

Gdragon sings the last few lines letting the entire song vibrate throughout your body. You got this. This song has you caught. (Write twenty words.)

The five guys stand on stage breathing heavily because of how much hype they offered. Cheer on your favorite:

G-Dragon: Seal the deal by word sprinting for the entire length of the song.
Taeyang: Calm your excitement by writing another twenty five words.
Daesung: Copy their completed song by ending the scene or paragraph.
TOP: Push to the end of the page as quickly as possible.
Seungri: Manage to change the direction by writing three sentences.

Congratulations you have finished Fantastic Baby Word Crawl!

Hope the song helped get you through the hard part.

(And yes I’m totally crushing on G-Dragon. Sh!)

If you have a desire for a word crawl made by me, say something. I have already made
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Word crawls are a fun way to distract me from writing. And hopefully they help others write when stories get tough.

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