Apple Pie Word Crawl

Another word crawl?! Yes. Because I’m good at wasting time.
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Apple Pie Word Crawl

{Written for low word count; choose a multiple to try for instead.}

You have a hankering for apple pie. Not surprising, since apple pie is beyond delicious. (Write twenty words.)

So, you go to the store for apple pie. (Write fifteen words.)

You check the bake case. (Write ten words.)

There are no apple pies!!! (Write twenty words.)

Okay… Maybe a frozen option. A quick bake and bam: apple pie. (Write ten words.)

The frozen ones are missing too!? This is ludicrous. (Write fifteen words.)

Okay… That means we need to bake apple pie from scratch. Check for a recipe on your phone. (Write twenty words.)

The recipe says you need a pie crust, sugar, spice, apples, butter, and flour. That sounds easy. (Write ten words.)

You need apples and pie crust. First, the pie crust. (Write fifteen words.)

Finally, you found something in this store. Sheez. On to produce section. (Write twenty words.)

There are no apples? Who decided on this mistake? Apples should be everywhere. Double check. (Write ten words.)

Nope. No apples. This is crazy. Where can you find apples? You really want apple pie. (Write fifteen words.)

An apple farm. You have a friend who knows an apple farm. Call them up. (Write ten words.)

Perfect, a trip to an apple farm. Pack your things. You’re going apple picking. (Write twenty words.)

Alright, that was an easy drive. Apple picking with your friend. This will be the best apple pie. (Write twenty words.)

You managed to get a ton of apples for apple pie. Now, to get back home. (Write ten words.)

Time to bake. You got too many apples. Once you make enough for a dozen pies, you call up a friend. (Write twenty words.)

Your friend is willing to bring over more pie crusts. That helps. (Write ten words.)

You end up with a dozen baked pies.  You and your friend can’t eat a dozen pies. (Write fifteen words.)

That means you need to give them away to your other friends. Pies for everyone! (Write fifteen words.)

When all said and done, you sit down with vanilla ice cream and perfectly made apple pie. (Write twenty words.)

One bite has you realizing it wasn’t apple pie you wanted, but blueberry. Hopefully, the store carries that. (Write ten words.)

Congratulations! You finished Apple Pie Word Crawl. Did this help you get through a writer’s block? (Minimum is 330 words if you succeeded.)

If you have an idea for a word crawl speak up.

If you have a desire for a word crawl made by me, say something. I have already made
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Word crawls are a fun way to distract me from writing. And hopefully they help others write when stories get tough.

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