Random List of Components

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This collection was found in a variety of places. I just started collecting for the sake of D&D and my stories. Sometimes all you need is a random quest to find random items. You can take as you wish. I don’t think any of them are of my creation.

I will add more to the list as needed. When I go on a search of random collection items, I’ll add. This is just like Plot Ninjas where I will add as knowledge improves.

  1. Mud from the ground of a pound with a 3-fingered notch in it
  2. Dust from the top of a wizards hat,that was collected without the knowledge of the owner
  3. A coin minted in the year of the birth of the caster
  4. spring water collected at the first day of winter by a old woman ,it must be stored outside without freezing till the last day of winter
  5. Something the caster dreamed of in the night before the casting
  6. The feet of the caster,he must dunk than in a bowl with the other ingredients while casting
  7. The breath that was used to extinguish the candle of the birthdaycake of a 11 year old boy
  8. the noose hair of a troll that gives it to you willing
  9. The 100th stone that the caster finds at the beach
  10. A signed excuse of the mother of the caster that explains that he hadn’t have the time to collected the ingredients for familiarly reasons
  11. Two exactly identical sand particles
  12. The pedals of 7 flowers in all rainbow colors
  13. Earth from all realms of OZ
  14. The good wishes of the friends of the caster
  15. Half of the meal of the caster
  16. A crystal that lied in starlight for 101 days
  17. A nut collected by a greyfurred mouse on a monday
  18. A jar of mist
  19. The prints of a butterfly foot
  20. The cry of a newborn dwarf
  21. The slime of a slug that ate a potato in the last 24 hours
  22. The permission of the current ruler
  23. A mushroom that growed on the head of the caster
  24. Any kind of egg,but a gnome must add it to the other ingredients
  25. A ball that was used to play at least 50 games of croquet
  26. The diary of the sister of the caster
  27. 1000 handwritten lines of “I will never again abuse magical powers to see naked woman”
  28. One hair of the caster,that was removed by a bald barber
  29. Tar from a ship that traveled to a far away land
  30. A nut from a tree that was planted by the caster
  31. bottled laughter from a newborn child
  32. bottled sneeze of a pixie
  33. bottled yawn of a troll
  34. the handkerchief of invisibility
  35. Ren & Stimpy’s nose goblin collection
  36. a sun-dial wrist watch
  37. an ogre’s nose-ring
  38. the king’s invitation to another royal family’s wedding…before he gets a chance to RSVP
  39. the magician’s hat…both of them (watch the video shorts included with Wall-E to see where I’m coming from)
  40. a bubble made of pure imagination
  41. a snow globe with a living village inside of it
  42. the Old Vampire Lord’s newly sharpened dentures, preferably clean
  43. a cheesewheel (because that’s just a funny word)
  44. six cans of Bouncy Bubble Beverage, preferably after it’s gone flat so that it’s less likely to explode when opened
  45. JAWS, the clock-work animatronic pet dog (which has conveniently gone berserk due to a faulty gear when the players try to capture it)
  46. fig leaves once used for modesty
  47. a thorn once in a lion’s paw
  48. bottled dragon breath (not breath weapon)
  49. a lock of hair from a child’s first hair cut
  50. one of the tooth fairy’s teeth
  51. a winged maple seed that has never touched the ground
  52. six interlinked soap bubbles
  53. a cat in a box with a radioactive isotope
  54. cue chalk used on a Minotaur’s horns
  55. The left testicle of a forty year old virgin. (Species doesn’t matter as long as it’s sentient and has, you know, testicles.)
  56. A promissory note for sixty seven gold pieces signed by an honest man.
  57. Some cheese made from milk of the cows who graze on the far side of the moon. (It doesn’t have to be green but that is traditional.)
  58. A rusty nail that has been used to crucify someone. (Anyone, it doesn’t matter who as long as they died while pierced by this bit of metal.)
  59. The reflected light of a new moon trapped in a series of mirrors.
  60. A sword that has never drawn blood
  61. A baby’s first cry
  62. The tiller of a wrecked ship
  63. Wood from a lightning struck oak
  64. A flame that has burned for a year and a day
  65. A lamb that was suckled by a lioness
  66. A letter written by starlight
  67. A red hat belonging to a munchkin
  68. rope made from the hair of a flying monkey
  69. a brick from the yellow brick road
  70. An egg laid by a Nome (how’s that for rare)
  71. The tears of a widow
  72. The anchor from a ship lost at sea
  73. A jar containing a pinches of sand collected from beaches on each of the world’s oceans
  74. Moss harvested from the west side of a tree
  75. A love note written in invisible ink
  76. A deck of cards with the ace of spades removed
  77. An iPod that ran out of battery playing a cover version of Britney Spears Toxic.
  78. A coin that landed on it’s edge last time it was flipped.
  79. A counterfeit 20 dollar note that has been in circulation for a year. (it doesn’t matter what kind of dollar, it could be australian, singaporean, american, and so on)
  80. A bag of parts (disassembled), from your fathers first wristwatch.
  81. A picture of Sean Connery as James Bond signed by Roger Moore.
  82. A condom, ahem, used by two virgins (yeurgh, but probably full of symbolism and therefore magical)
  83. A lucky rabbits foot that was on a person when they died.
  84. A cat whose facial fur is coloured such that it looks like the cat has a hitler moustache.
  85. A hundred thousand tickets won at fairground games, they don’t all have to be from the same place, but they must all have been won by the same person.
  86. A picture of Dawn Campbell signed by Heather.
  87. A lottery ticket with jackpot winning numbers that hasn’t been cashed in.
  88. A mechanical bull that has never been ridden for more than seven seconds on it’s highest setting (oddly it has more power the younger it is, best straight from the factory!)
  89. Thirteen wedding rings, but they must be acquired by asking for them, not stealing or buying. Divorce really screws up the mojo, so make sure the marriages they are from are legit when you use them for magic.
  90. Liter of Molases, drunk by caster.
  91. A series of tubes…
  92. A 4 dimensional painting.
  93. A sense of forboding mixed with a slight craving for chocolate.
  94. A unicorn’s pager.
  95. An awesome face.
  96. A spy.
  97. A manatee in a ballet dress (actual dancing optional).
  98. An unholy dandilion.
  99. A witch, a duck, and a rigged scale.
  100. Sea foam collected at midnight.
  101. Seeds from a tree that was struck twice by lightning
  102. Hair from a truly honest lawyer (good luck)
  103. Rubbish that is valuable
  104. Flowers picked under a new moon, that grew near a fairy circle.
  105. 500 used tea bags
  106. A nub of a well loved pencil
  107. A pretty rock that is worthless, but cherished by someone.
  108. A left shoe, discarded
  109. 100 broken shards from 100 different dishes.
  110. The laughter of a grouch.
  111. Wool sheared off of a sheep of everchanging color, in the seven shades of the rainbow.
  112. A small rodent preserved alive, though suspended, in ice.
  113. Three singing bedbugs.
  114. A Crowning moment of awesome, type doesn’t matter as long as it was done by the caster.
  115. Pure newt sweat.
  116. Essence of annoyance, Warning annoying.
  117. A bullet that has the name of some one, that has been missed 5 times by the same bullet.
  118. A plunger that has met thousands of toilet, never returning to a last visited one.
  119. A frozen fireball, mid explosion.
  120. A jar full of secrets.
  121. The clapper from the bell of an abandoned church. (Alternatively, if the bell had no clapper, the item used to make it ring)
  122. 8 O’Clock coffee (The more 8s the better, coffee made on August 8th, 1888, at 8:08 has effects that are neigh-unfathomable)
  123. Nails/rivets from the hull of a ghost ship.
  124. Bullet with a name on it (Used)
  125. Skin burned by the sun
  126. Skin burned by the moon
  127. A CD-R which failed to be written on.
  128. The compass of a crashed plane
  129. Anything with St. Elmo’s fire on it
  130. Drumsticks from a slain drummer
  131. A rattlesnake’s kiss
  132. A drawing that’s been erased
  133. leaves of a tree grown in the ashes of burned books
  134. Sand from the Deadly Desrert
  135. Any manmade object that has travelled at least 100,000 miles (independently of the world it sits on)
  136. A coin left by the toothfairy.
  137. Fur from a Kansas dog.
  138. The horn from a Narnian faun. (yes in OZ)
  139. A 16 ct emerald.
  140. The caster’s middle name (this component is completely consumed)
  141. A jewller’s screwdiver used in the constuction of a clockwork man.
  142. A pinch of Mombie’s animating powder.
  143. An egg flung from a nest by a cuckoo and caught without breaking it before it hits the ground.
  144. A bottle filled with the tears of a clown
  145. A unused name
  146. Something from the local market that cost exactly the age of the casters mother in coins
  147. A promise to collect the ingredients when the caster has more time
  148. 3 hours complete silence
  149. A lightbeam from the midnight sun
  150. Ozmas toenail clippings
  151. Ash from the Hindenburg.
  152. Navigation equipment from the Titanic.
  153. A strut from the Tacoma bridge collapse
  154. A strand of gold in the darkness
  155. The first computer virus on a 5 14 floppy
  156. Vacuum tubes from UNIVAC
  157. A used stake from one of Vlad the Impaler’s victims
  158. The feather of a diamond swan
  159. A gill of water from a dark well
  160. 42 year old sword that has never been swung

If you have anything to add, make a comment. 160 items isn’t nearly enough, is it? I’ll add as I find more random items.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Writer’s Stuff]

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