When I was younger, fanfiction was a threat to writers and authors. They would even take legal action against fanfiction writers. It left an impression those a touch younger than me do not feel.

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Because newer authors started off in fanfiction. Not me. I couldn’t stay within another person’s world, with their characters, etc. I have done parodies (poorly; I suck at comedy). I have never written legit fanfiction. I tried back in middle school and high school; it never stayed inside the box.

That doesn’t mean I’ll act like those authors of my youth. Honestly, I want fanfiction. It means you fell in love with my story to the extent of wanting to join it. Fanfiction is a form of love. Anything can happen in the world of fanfiction.

I fully support others using my worlds.

That does not mean I want you selling my stories as if your own.

Fanfiction helps a writer in several ways. For one: half the plot/setting/characters are done for you. You are jumping into a created world/life. That means less plotting and planning. It means more writing. Practice writing helps you get skilled at writing. By using already made characters, you can create new plots and events. You can learn to focus in on parts of a story you struggle with. Or you can copy the parts you struggle with and use your strengths to create a story within the story.

Fanfiction is still writing. It’s hobby writing, so many will still consider it less then. But those are the same people who complain about audio books and self publishing and how places like Wattpad don’t have real stories that count toward books read in a year.

If you meet someone who thinks any of that, let them go. A real writer needs practice. A real writer needs to adsorb as many books as possible in whatever format available.

If you write fanfiction in my world, you may be adding to my worlds. Certain things won’t happen (Sorry, no matter how much Monique is loved by people, she’s not cheating on her mate). Some things are open to suggestions. I have a lot of empty void space that can include many things.

I am willing to post a link or the story written by anyone in my worlds. Want to join my werewolves in high school? Want to fall in love with an elf in Leagende? Wish you had a demon familiar like in Tsuba Ren? Do it! I dare you.

If you want to create a story in one of my worlds and make money off it (publish it), then you need my permission. I’m not saying it isn’t possible. I just want to know before it happens. My worlds are not open for anyone to join until after I die. As long as I’m alive, you need permission to publish. After I’m dead? Well, ignore those pesky people who have control of my will. I give you full permission to publish whatever you want in any of my created worlds.

Good luck! Have fun!

(And let me read any and all fanfiction based off my writings.)

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

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