Random Questions #3

Has it been a month since my second installment? Almost. So let’s go with the third installment of Random Questions by Cat Hartliebe. [About Cat Hartliebe]

If you have any questions, ask away. I love chatting with people about everything.

Q:  If you ruled your own country, who would you get to write your national anthem?

A:  I wouldn’t want one person writing it. I would want it to be a collaboration between several different people from different backgrounds and lives. I would want it aiming to be a song with as many different languages as possible. And with the true meaning of equality and acceptance. Or Balance. Not sure who would be the first person named when writing it. Someone who is used to mixing music genres and languages.

Q:  What makes you nostalgic?

A:  Nothing. I really have nothing positive to look back on. My only hope is my future will allow me to be myself. And then when I look back, I hope every time I see a closet I remember this trapped feeling and the hope I constantly have to survive on.

Q:  Clowns. Creepy or cool?

A: I’m indifferent to clowns. I was about to write crowns. Which I am also indifferent to. If someone wants to put on face paint and make people laugh or cry good for them.

Q:  Do you remember your dreams?

A:  Far too often for my comfort. And they can be weird. I still remember dreams from years ago. A recent dream was where I was medusa and scaring others. It was a reverse nightmare. Hope it doesn’t come true.

Q:  What’s your favorite song?

A:  Hm… Stay by Blackpink may be my top song currently. I love Fantasic Baby by Bigbang too. Everything Blackpink or Ann Bai is great. I suggest listening to them.

Ann Bai Songs (白安)

Q:  What’s your favorite season?

A:  Winter. No insects biting me. Snow everywhere. Cold temperatures I can bundle up to counter. More night. All positives.

Q:  Does pressure motivate you?

A:  What motivates me… I think I’m motivated by my own force of will and determination. Someone else’s pressure doesn’t really do anything. If it did, I would have turned in all my homework as a student.

Q:  To what extent do you shape your own destiny, and how much is down to fate?

A:  How much control do I believe I have? I wish I could say I control my destiny, but that’s not true. Society doesn’t allow for that. I’m dependent on others boosting me up and showing me off to succeed as an author. Even with any other job I seek: scientist, mother, mentor, teacher, etc: it comes down to others making a big enough impact to say I’m not necessarily good enough. For someone who generally hates people, my desires leave me working with them a lot. None of this is fate, though. Fate is a fool’s game. Yes there is a level of statistical chance with different events, but that doesn’t make anything impossible. It’s a matter of improbability not impossibility.

Q:  What published book do you secretly wish you had written?

A:  None. I am happy with the work I have created. I don’t need to pretend I wrote someone else’s book. I’m not them. There is no book that is my ultimate favorite either. The only option I would look into would be to boost the sales of those I have written. Even there, I wouldn’t want a reader to think my stories would be like the famous book. Seriously, I’m happy as the author I am.

Q:  Are you the paranoid type or calm, cool and collected?

A:  I’d say I lean closer to calm, cool, and collected. I wouldn’t say that always. But I was trained to be subservient and submissive. So for the most part that ends up looking and acting like the triple c. I’m a leader personality and yet I was trained for submissive positions. My family were jerks to me.

Q:  What would qualify as the afternoon of your dreams?

A:  Writing, reading, and watching my child succeed at writing or their projects. You know when life goes right.
Or if we’re going crazy level: an afternoon write in with some famous writers of various types and interests. Not even a critique group. Just being around other writers would be amazing. I might be a touch lame. If you asked who would be top of the list? G Dragon. He writes in a way I can and can’t at the same time. He writes in a way I wish I could. Writers aren’t just prose. I wouldn’t mind an afternoon tea with Neil Gaiman, Nora Roberts, and Stephen King, but they aren’t top of my list. Afternoon tea with writers does not mean just those who hit best seller’s list for fiction. What about those technical reports scientists write? Or the text book writers? Do you ignore someone who writes nonsense for a tabloid? I won’t. I can’t. Famous writers is a bigger category than you’re thinking.

Q:  Are you more like fire, water, wind or earth?

A:  I’m life. Which would be where the four balance. The elemental phases are really cool to look at and to think what matches me. As much as I would say water matches me the best, I cannot imagine life without the others. I’m connected to all four and will not disregard any for another.

Q:  Do you hear voices?

A:  I’m not deaf, so of course I hear voices. Sometimes I wish I didn’t. Certain people are difficult to deal with. Oh… You mean in my head… Yeah. Hear those too. It’s more me reminding myself to do things or stop bad actions or aim for good ones. Like the voices tell me to not commit suicide. They tell me to eat. Or take a shower. The voices are good to me. If not for them, I would have committed suicide already. Be happy I hear voices.

If you have any other questions to ask, I can easily do another random questions post. I love answering questions. The questions can be serious or silly or inane. I’ll take them.

[About Cat Hartliebe]

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