Poem: The Presentation

The terror of being before the class. 

How is it I ended up fine dancing with my dance group, but still trembled presenting a report?  Not anymore.  Now I can stand in front of a class of kids and just teach.  Ha!  I learned to hide my fear and just do it.  Took a while.

The Presentation

I sat down.
I held my notecards.
I unrolled my poster.
I sank down low.

My teacher entered.
My heartbeat raced.
My friend spoke,
“My thoughts are with you.”

She took her seat.
She looked at her sheet.
She called my name.
She smiled at me.

I took a gulp.
I rose from my seat.
I walked to the front.
I presented it.

My teacher clapped.
My classmates clapped.
My friend smiled.
My body lightened.

She took my poster.
She took my notes.
She wrote in the gradebook,
‘She got an A.’

I made a sigh.
My friend was next.
She took a breath.

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