Poem: Anywhere (for Cyro)

Cyro asked me to make them a poem last night. I agreed and asked on what?

“Anywhere. Any direction.” Cyro leaves a lot to work with.

So the prompt was “Anywhere” and it was for Cyro. (I thought it would help them work on their writing. They did not succeed writing. Somehow fifty words is far too much *roll eyes*)


(For Cyro)

“Let’s go for a drive!”

You say it often.

When I question where,

you return, “Anywhere.”

It’s not that you have interest

in driving or riding

although in a few years

that will probably change.

As a ten year old

little boy at heart…

As you grow into a man

who may be worth his salt…

As you change from boy into adult,

you still have nostaglia

for sitting in the car’s seat

listening to music beside me.

One day, you won’t think

riding for fun is a thing,

and being with mom

will not be a thought.

One day, you’ll be old enough

that you hold the keys,

and I take the backseat

just resting and listening.

Until then,

let’s get in the car,

turn up the music,

and just drive anywhere.

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