SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 23 : Cat and Dominik

The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper starts off as any other low brow elf seeking a real place in life.  He didn’t think the real place would be babysitter to a dragon.  Part of him wishes the dragon mother decided on eating him instead of shoving him into this new role.  What was he thinking getting involved with Linda or Hartliebe or thinking he deserved more in life than running a beer company.  Beer is his life.  Or it was.  His life now seems a lot different.  And scary.
Genres: Adventure, fantasy

[WIP: The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper]

Cat and Dominik

Inside the spring is a small hole in the earth.  The steam relaxes me, but having Cat lie there in the water calm stresses me out.  I walked in on her relaxation.  To tell her things that would be called work.  And then I want to ask her to join us on our Terrick quest and help me understand this dragon blood thing.  I am too stupid to talk about any of it.

“You can enter the water.  It’ll help.  I know Cyro can be stressful.”

“He isn’t as bad as I first thought he would be.  You help keep him in line.  I would not be able to survive if he didn’t fear you showing up if I fail.”  I slide into the water opposite her.  It is only six or seven feet across, so it would take little effort to reach Cat.

“You act like I know when he is being troublesome.”  She glances at me.  Her eyes half lidded from the water.  “I can hear Hartliebe.  I cannot communicate with Cyro unless Hartliebe helps me.”

“Why did Sass call you Dragon Cat?”  First question.

Cat moves in the water covering herself a little.  The barely there outfit only draws attention where I am trying not to look.  “Hartliebe told them I am a dragon.  Ever since she did, I have had the title.  I am not truly a dragon, but…”  She hisses.  “It offers a discount.”


“Hartliebe owns them.”  She nods to the door out.  “She owns the land you have been traveling, so everyone gives you space.  The dragonfly mark is hers.”  She nods to my arm.

Now I glance to see she does not carry a mark.  “What about your mark?”

“It’s innate now.  After twelve years you carry inside.  Plus my own dragon blood has progressed enough to use the magic without her power.  You still use the wand, right?”

“You know, don’t you?”  My eyes thin as she relaxes in the water again.  “That I have the blood, too.”

“For some, like you, it’s obvious.  For me…”  She shakes off memories.  “I was considered special, but not dragon level special.  I was not an outcast like you were.”

“I never considered my outcasted nature to be a good thing.  I had a place, sure, but I never was wanted by anyone in the village.  I had my job and I was well received because I offered that to the village.  I had no idea I was special as in dragon blood special.  Now, though… It makes sense and yet it doesn’t.”  I frown, which leads to me getting splashed.

“You are special.  Anyone with two sense would realize that.  Didn’t you have friends?  Ones who liked to be with you?”

“Yeah.  The top guys of the village: John, Will, Dave, and Jay.  They were my best friends, but I never really fit with them.”

“As far as you knew.”  She nods sliding to be on my side of the spring.  Now inches apart, she holds up her hands.  An image appears on the rock opposite us.  Jay, John, Will, and Dave look to be half distracted.  “They needed you.  Not just as some sort of weak nobody to throw bones to.  You had a position.  Now you have another one.”  She glances my way.  “Who are they?”

“Jay.”  I point them out in order.  “John, Will, and Dave.  They seem unhappy.”

“Well this spell makes them remember you.”  She tilts her head looking at them.  “Seems like missing you brings sadness.  What did you leave behind?”

“Nothing really.  I mean I was an only child, so now my parents will need to figure out a new person to handle the business.  And Linda, the Lord I left there, is too young to handle the village on her own.  I want to go visit after the Terrick.”  I sigh turning to Cat.  She is still focused on the images.  “Will you come with us?  I don’t think I can properly protect Cyro during this.  I mean yes we are strong enough, but we aren’t experienced.”

“I won’t.”  She releases the spell like second nature.  “But I have a feeling you will not go alone.  I cannot be certain as to who will go with you, but my feelings are ever wrong.”  She smiles at me.  The light there says how calm she is.  “Now relax.  We have as long as we want in here.”

“Relax.”  I shift a little accidently touching Cat.  “Sorry.”

“You can’t relax around me, huh?”  She moves closer grabbing my hand to hold in place between us.  “Can you think for a moment I am just another girl you want?  Instead of your superior?”

“Um… That may not be…”  I suck in a breath when her hand moves to my chest.  “I…”

“Shut up.  I haven’t had someone in a while either.  Don’t make me regret this.”

Shutting up now.  Yup.  Whatever she wants for however long she wants.

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