SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 24 : Sarah and Dominik

The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper starts off as any other low brow elf seeking a real place in life.  He didn’t think the real place would be babysitter to a dragon.  Part of him wishes the dragon mother decided on eating him instead of shoving him into this new role.  What was he thinking getting involved with Linda or Hartliebe or thinking he deserved more in life than running a beer company.  Beer is his life.  Or it was.  His life now seems a lot different.  And scary.
Genres: Adventure, fantasy

[WIP: The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper]

Sarah and Dominik

The four hours I spend with Cat leaves me very relaxed.  Also very accepted by the one who should be my superior.  Next time I see her I will not be able to think of much else.  I don’t even know if she will want it again with me.  She was unlike any other elf I ever had.  And the springs made it even more exquisite.  It made me lose my mind.

So when I leave the springs behind, I find myself feeling perfectly relaxed and calm.  The inn is in my sights.  However, Sarah blocks my direction.  Of course I could just go around her, but she stands there wanting me to stop.  I can see her glances.  “Hey, Sarah.”  I’m on cloud nine.  Nothing could bring me down.

“Um… Did Jason say anything to you?”  She whispers it as if someone might hear us and think something.

“Not really.”  Well besides the engagement thing.  To think they were supposed to get married.  “Why?”

“I was…”  She sighs poking at the ground.  “I was being hopeful.  He…”  She drops further looking depressed.  Okay, maybe something can bring me down.  “Jason is my one and only.  My job should have nothing to do with it.”

“Um…”  I glance at the springs behind me.  “What do you do there?”

“Get customers.  I’m not a guest.  Not yet.”  She bites her lip.  “I mean, I was once.  Before Jason.  And… If he refuses me, I’ll go back willingly, but I…”

“You want him.”  I kinda get that.  I always wanted to be wanted.  And Cat made me feel wanted.  That is not the best feeling to have for the superior.  I won’t even know if she wanted me or wanted something.  But I was not a second choice in her eyes.  She chose me specifically.  “What will you do about it?”

She glances my way confused.  “What do you mean, what will I do?”

“What are your plans?  You want him.  How will you get him?”  I cross my arms.  This is what I get to do during my break from Cyro and his insanity.  “Hm?”

“I…”  Her mouth clamps shut.  She has no plans.  “I will beg him.”

“I doubt that will work.  Not a singer?  Poet?  Baker?  Something to say I would be worth your trouble.  That I would do anything to be your special someone.”  I shrug walking on.  “I can’t help someone who cannot help themselves.”

“I’ll bake him a cake.”  She nods confident.  “Can you ready him for me?”

“How would I…?”  She is gone before I can make a real comment.  How does one ready someone else to receive cake?  Actually cake sounds good.  “What type of cake would Cat like?”  Whistling, I make my way to the inn.  Jason looks accepting of me sitting down for a few more drinks.  I already paid for a room.

Deciding I suck at baking puts off my decision to make a cake.  Not to mention the lack of equipment, lack of home, lack of situation that even puts me in one place long enough to bake one.  And who makes a cake for themselves?  You make a cake for someone else.  And I really don’t have anyone to bake for.

“One day I will have the home and life of my own.”  A sigh hits me hard.  Some day, hopefully.  Hartliebe owns me.  Then Cyro will own me, I’m certain of it.  How do I free myself of them and what will I do once free?  Cat said twelve years before the mark disappears.  Which sounds daunting and scary.  It also means she is older than me by quite a bit.

“Jason!”  I have been sitting here that long that Sarah is back?  Her hands carry the cake she made.

Time flew during my thoughts.  And by the empty bottles before me, I drank quite a bit.  And feel completely sober.  This dragon business hurts my alcohol’s abilities the most.  Actually, that’s what I can do when I get my freedom.  I can go back to making beer.  That sounds perfect to me.  Will Cat drink some of my beer?

Jason walks past me to glare at Sarah’s attempts.  “Why are you here?  To steal my customers?”

“We do not steal your customers!  We help each other.  They spend the day with us, then the night with you.”  She holds out the cake.  A sniff reminds me of chocolate, a sexual flavor.  “Let’s talk a little.”  She looks around.  I glance around too noticing me as the only customer.  And the time, which is much later than it should be.  Crap, I stayed up this late without being phased.  No wonder I am not drunk.

Jason huffs walking her back to the counter.  “You can be a customer and then I’ll talk.”

Sarah gives me the thumbs up while following him to the counter.  I can only watch the exchange.  I didn’t even think I did anything as Sarah makes her case.  For now it is a quiet conversation.  I watch them.  Jason shakes his head making his return.  Sarah pleads.  Such a display.  My eyes glance to the time before I realize it is too late to ask for more alcohol.

“Hey, Jason.”  I walk to their conversation.  Sarah grabs my sleeve begging with her eyes I sit down.  “I was wondering if that cake is edible.”  I point at the dessert between the two.

He looks at his cake and Sarah’s forlorn face.  “I guess so.”  He pushes it my way with a knife.  I go about cutting it up while they continue chatting.  The topic seems light compared to the pleading I came in on.

Once the cuts are made, I hand the cake to Jason.  “You first, since it’s yours.”

He glowers at me and my piece of cake.  “You promise this isn’t poisoned, Sarah?”

“I would never hurt you, Jason.  I love you.  I want to be yours completely.”

“You just want me for sex.”  He sneers picking at the cake.

“No, I don’t.”  Sarah looks my way.

My first bite has me seeing colors.  The flavor hits a nerve I never hit before even after all the different drugs and drinks I’ve found back home.  “What is this?”

“My homemade special recipe.”

As I look at her again, the sights from before come back.  It is this scent that caused the spell before.  The spell that made Sass look like a perfect beauty.  Sarah, though, did not need such a spell to look gorgeous.  She is beautiful beforehand.  “Your family uses this magic.”

“Yes.”  She glances at Jason.  “To trick single guests into taking someone in with them.”  Her focus is on Jason munching slowly on the cake.  “I wanted Jason to…”

“You don’t need cake for that.  You know the spell does not work on me anymore.  I’m too used to it.”  He chomps half annoyed.  “This whole thing has nothing to do with me not wanting you.  You want to work there with your mom.”

“She is not my mom.”  Sarah strikes back.

Jason rolls his eyes.  “She is your mom.  Just because you call her your sister does not change the fact she bore you.”

Sarah glances my way nervous.  “I know.  I do know that.  But she…”

“As long as you want to work there with your family, I cannot marry you.”  Jason pulls back putting the cake aside.  “Cake or no cake.”

“I’ll leave them.”  She stares at Jason with no question.  “I’ll work with you.”

“I don’t want you to do that.  Your family…”  He sighs as Sarah moves behind the counter with him.  “Sarah, go home.”

“No.  I will do whatever I have to so that you marry me.”  She takes over the job of putting the cake aside.  “I will forsake my family for you.”

“While living in the same town?  Come on Sarah.  You need to think this through.”  He grabs her shoulders forcing her out from behind the counter.  “I have to clean up and close.  You need to go home.”

“I won’t.  I will just sit outside all night long.”  She pouts following his requirements to leave.

Jason sighs when he reaches the door.  “Fine.  You can stay upstairs.  Not in my room.”

“Okay!”  Sarah slips past him and up to the counter again.  “After I help you clean up.”

“Well, I’m going to bed.”  I get up nodding to the others.  “See you in the morning.”  The room I bought is well made and perfect for a couple.  Actually it looks like this inn works very well with the hot springs.  Sarah and Jason should join together and help both out.  Why does Jason hate her family so much?  Whatever.  I collapse into the bed.

“Hey, Dominik.”  The whisper has me look up.  Cat stares down at me.  Her work look is back.  “Cyro is…”

“Coming here.”

“Yeah.”  She looks away biting her lip cutely.

“When’s the last time you got any sleep?”

“A few days ago, why?”  She glances to me.

“Why not rest with me?  Sleep passes the time.”

“I have better suggestions for passing the time.  If you feel up for it.”  She winks my way.

Again?  She’s going to ask that of me again?  Of course I’m up for it.  I am wide awake without a second request.  “Yeah.  Whatever you want.”

She slides next to me on the bed leaning over my body like it might be her property.  That does not sound too bad actually.  “Well, then.  While we wait for Cyro, I can show you what a few extra years can mean.”

This was the best stop ever.  After not being laid in weeks, I have the sexy Cat attacking me.  Not once in my life has someone wanted me.  I never even thought it would happen.  But here she is going after my body when she could have anyone in the entire town.  Or almost anyone.  I need to stop thinking about it and just go with it.

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