SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 25 : Stephanie and Dominik

The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper starts off as any other low brow elf seeking a real place in life.  He didn’t think the real place would be babysitter to a dragon.  Part of him wishes the dragon mother decided on eating him instead of shoving him into this new role.  What was he thinking getting involved with Linda or Hartliebe or thinking he deserved more in life than running a beer company.  Beer is his life.  Or it was.  His life now seems a lot different.  And scary.
Genres: Adventure, fantasy

[WIP: The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper]

Stephanie and Dominik

When we finish, Cat disappears like she came.  I mean she disappears literally.  Her use of magic surpasses mine by a lot.  My wand skills even lack.  I never made mention about the broken elf either.  Not that she’ll care.  Relaxing for a second longer, I take in my night of fun.  And day of fun.  It has been a lot of sex and with her.  She did not feel breakable like the other girls I have had.

“I should see about Jason and Sarah downstairs.  And go see how far Cyro is from here.”  Hopping up, feeling completely refreshed, I make my way downstairs.

The couple looks as relaxed as I feel.  Did they?  The giggle as I get closer says yes.  “Jason?  Sarah?”

He coughs putting a mask on.  “Good morning.  How was your sleep?”

“Good.”  Not that I slept.  Nor did they by the looks of things.  “How was yours?”

“Amazing.”  Sarah jumps in winking at Jason.  The smirk he tries to hide has me completely believing they did not sleep at all.  “I heard you gained a visitor.”

“I did. She left already.”

Sarah nods glancing at Jason again.  “She visits on occasion.  She rarely spends the entire night, though.”

“She is a friend of mine.”  Well close enough anyway.  “Did you hear of a dragon walking in?”

“Which one?”  Sarah’s head tilts a little.  “I mean besides your friend…”

“Besides her.”  I try not to grasp that.  She has been named a dragon by these people even if she is probably no more dragon than me.  “I mean Dragon Cyro.”

“He’s coming?”  Sarah glances to Jason nervous.  The positive vibes from the previous night disappear easily.  “I hope he isn’t coming here.”

“Relax.”  Jason wraps his arms around Sarah.  “He will not do anything with Dragon Cat around.”

“Sorry.”  I nod my head walking to the door.  “I hope things are okay here.”

The door bangs open before I reach it and before they return comment.  Standing there is a woman around my mother’s age.  Who is she and why is she in my way?

“Sarah you did not come home last night.  That is inexcusable.  You have a job to do.”

Jason forces Sarah behind him.  “Leave Stephanie.”  He glares at the woman in the doorway.  “You are blocking my customers.”

Don’t mind me.  I look to see if I can get by, but the woman looks determined to not enter nor leave.  What spell teleports?  Cat did it so easily.  Can she come back and take me too?

“You took my daughter.  I said you cannot have her.  She only has to live up to the expectations of the customers.  Soon she will return to her duties as hostess instead of quibble about love.”  She crosses her arms.  Thin as she is, she manages to take up the entire doorway space.  I drop into a chair watching the fireworks.  It seems I have no choice.

“I am not going to take over for you.”  Sarah yells back.  I shake my head knowing that will not end well.  No wonder Jason fought last night even though they look to be completely together this morning.  It is this woman’s fault.  “I don’t want to whore myself to every customer who comes by.”

“They pay good money and if truly troublesome you pass the needs on to a subordinate.  It is our job.”

“It is wrong!”  She shudders behind Jason.  “You force them into wanting something to get more money.  It’s just greed.  Not all elves want sex.”

“All elves want sex.”  She nods her head.  “Trust me.  We satisfy them even when they don’t realize they want it.  And we do it in such a way they don’t realize who they have it with.  You’ll have a customer you chose’s child and then continue on the tradition I took on for you.”

“It’s this reason I have no idea who my father is.  Or my grandfather.  You think it’s perfect normal.  It’s not!  I want to have a husband and children who will call him father.  Even if he is not the real father, he would act it.  That is what it means to be an elf.  To have stability.  As the family is now, it lacks!  I want a family.  Not just a random child because some handsome guy looks like he might make a good sperm donor.  Stop it Mom!”

“I told you never to call me that.”  Stephanie growls out at her daughter.  “Sass and I are your sisters.”

“You are my mother and grandmother.  That is the truth.  Stop trying to lie to everyone.  I will marry Jason.  Dragon Cat will marry us.”  She nods looking to me.  “Right?”

“Ah.”  I cannot say when Cat will show up next.

“You even have a dragon to side with you?  So pathetic.”  Stephanie scoffs walking away from the door.  I think I might actually be able to leave, yet the door opens again.  I sit back down as Cat walks in focused on me.

“Dragon Cat!”  Sarah tugs at Jason still protecting her.  “You’ll marry us, right?”

She glances at me then at the couple.  “Sure, I guess.  When?”

“Right now.”  Sarah states glaring at her mother.

“Ah…”  Cat looks to me for an answer.  Yeah, I feel the same way.

“No wedding.”  Stephanie waves her arms around.

“I’m an adult.  You cannot stop us.”  Sarah seems so certain in this.  This fight though looks like her fighting her mother not wanting to get married to Jason.  He looks to be in the middle of the war not a member.

A loud coughing at the door has me see Cyro inside and the broken elf blocking the doorway.  Well I lost my chance to escape.  And I don’t need to find Cyro.  He found me.  Thomas walks forward glaring at Stephanie and then at Sarah.  “Did I hear this correctly?”  She pauses but neither knows what he is talking about.  “You have no idea who your father is?”

I blink.  Did I miss something more than I thought I did.  Cat elbows me to not make a comment.

“Good morning, Thomas.”  Stephanie bows to him.

Thomas stalks over to Sarah ignoring the older elf.  He nods to her.  “You seriously never knew?  They never told you?”  He sighs shoulders dropping.  “I knew I should have never left.”

“You should get some rest in…”  Stephanie tries.

“Shut it.”  Thomas glares at her.  “You not only did not make mention I am her father, but fail to mention I am your husband?  Just because I am broken?  I learnt a lot more after I lost my ability to fly.”  He turns on the female.

Cyro takes this time to sit down with Cat and me.  He seems intrigued by this turn of events.  After a little back and forth between the broken elf and his wife, I want to leave even more.

“I agree to your marriage.”  Thomas turns to Sarah finally.  “Don’t be bothered by your mother’s misgivings.  She suffers more than you realize.”

“Um… Thank you?”  She glances to me.  Why me?  I didn’t do anything.

“But not right now.”  Thomas waves his hand still glaring at Stephanie.  “You need a few months to plan the wedding.  Dragon Cyro will return with everything you need to sign.”  He smiles at Cyro gaining a grin in return.  “And at that time, you may join together as one.”

“Truly?”  Sarah bounces a little.  She hugs Jason.  “I can’t wait.”

“You’ll have to.  Dragon Cyro and his group are on a quest.”  Thomas nods to us at the table.  “So they will return in a few months time.  Until then, you are only allowed to plan the wedding and date.  Decide whether you want him because your mother hates it or because you want him.”

“I do not hate it.”  Stephanie grumbles, but gets another glower.

“Time for us to go.”  Cyro stands up.  “I hope you rested well.”

I cannot stop looking at Cat.  She shows nothing of our time together.  “Yeah.  I rested well.”

“So onward to the next town.  Kristen is only a few days travel away.”

“I will see you again on the journey.  Good luck.”  Cat walks us to the door before flying in her own direction.

Cyro watches her leave before flying with me off in our direction.  “She seems calmer now.  Did something happen?”

“Not really.”  I file the hot spring stop deep in the recesses of my mind.  “I got to know Cat a little better while you walked here.”

“Good.  Maybe she’ll leave me alone now.”  Cyro nods.

I hope she visits more.  Trying to ignore her body in my mind’s eye will create a few problems.  But for now, I have my duties to perform.  Cyro still needs a babysitter.  I am that babysitter.  This quest will not be done soon either.

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