Poem: Ice Castle

I know, I know, it’s hot.  It’s summer.  I can easily be found at the beach wearing little clothing.  I got it.  But still, my heart’s trapped in the ice and snow. 

Ice Castle

No blooms will show their beauty here.
The mosses greet me half the year.
I hope for colors upon the ‘morrow.
There will only be deep sweet sorrow,
If we wish for something more than
These white blank drifts of snow.

Some may call me an ice queen.
Which to many may seem mean.
After they are done complaining,
I rest here watching, waiting.
I have no need to fear those stares,
Since only the brave would venture here.

I may want those greens and pinks and purples
Of flowers during April
Where cherry trees will lose their petals
Come summer’s first real call.
I may want to see the beaches
In a tiny piece of clothing.
And Fall never was a bad season at all.

The snow will come a-calling.
The future here is echoing.
I hear words whispering like nails
Of his shining pure white scales,
The knight I have longed for.
Every snowflake holds knowledge of him.

If you dare me to leave here,
I’d rather have bad luck for a thousand year,
The want has overtaken me.
His life can protect me you see.
I will stay in this winter paradise
As long as my dragon is at my side.

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