Goals as of now

The year is more than half over.

Can you believe that?

I wonder if I can.
[About Cat Hartliebe]

With summer mostly over, I figured I need to really weigh how I’m doing. What do I still need to do before the year ends? It was a short list of goals. And really I wouldn’t say I’m doing poorly. I need to really buckle down though. Things are hitting the fan. And if I don’t manage something Cat Hartliebe is going away forever.

I’m sorry if that leaves a hole in your heart.

Ahem. The goals:
1. Read 12 books I never read before
2. Reread 5 books I have read before
3. Sell 40 of my own books (for profit)
4. Publish 4 books
5. Write weekly blog posts
6. Write weekly facebook and twitter posts
7. Never let the sink fill with dishes
8. Complete 4 new novels (50k+ words) within already made series
9. Set up at least 50 recipes for the cookbook
10. Help Mom organize her retirement plans for Granma GiGi
11. Get stronger
12. Get Cyro’s passport

A nice list if I do say so myself. Since I started the year I have crossed off Reread 5 books (2), Publish 4 books (4), and Get Cyro’s passport (12). Those are completely done. I have published more than 4 books. I have reread more than 5 books. Cyro has their passport, so they can leave the country if we wanted to.

The rest… Out of the 12 books read, I have read 8 new books. That’s okay… I guess. I’m slow. Out of the 90 books for my reading challenge I am at 37. Most of them are rereads, though.

For selling my own books for profit, I’m at 32 sold. That’s impressive right? This is the big goal that says Cat Hartliebe is worth something. If I cannot make some semblance of a profit, I must pass on publishing. I don’t know what I can do given I’m even more disabled now than I was before, but this doesn’t seem to be it. I gave myself a year. I’ve published far more than I needed to. I even have several books readying to be published. But if I cannot make money off this, there will be no point.

Writing the weekly blog posts, facebook post, and twitter posts is easy enough. I will have poems on Monday until the end of the year. That will finish both of those goals soon. Will the poems be the only thing being posted weekly? No. At least I bloody well hope not. Just the poems are the only thing people are interested in, so I need to keep it up. No one really cares about anything else.

The sink has been… okay. I wonder how much I will consider this one a success. I’ve had a few really bad days. It’s like the getting stronger one. I felt better earlier this year. I’ve been going downhill big time. I’m pretty sure I’m two months out of healthy enough for normal life. That’s… horrible. And nothing will change as is.

I have two novels done: Mission 9 of Organization and Kura book 2. I’m close to finishing The New Mage: New Merlin’s book 2. I also want to finish my werewolves. I have a new story getting shoved in fifth position of the publishing order. If it’s long enough to be marked novel, it’ll count. Otherwise, I can figure out another option. With the recipes, I have 24 recipes that may actually be okay for the cookbook. I was organizing my old lists. That’s not enough. I need to double check them anyway.

Granma Gigi will be sewing. I don’t know what Mom plans. Not really. She’s a good seamstress. She made my dresses when I was younger. She made lots of my brother’s clothes. She made doll clothes, too. And blankets. And stuffed animals. She can sew. Really well. I need to help her decide on the exact spelling of her name. She needs to decide how she wants to sell her goods. How will people reach her? What social media she can handle? Where will she post her goods for sale? Will it be in person, on a website like Etsy, at a craft fair, etc? So many questions. And she’s been in as good a state as I have been in. IE: very bad. She retires in a few weeks, though, so things will hopefully get better. There are quite a number of steps between now and selling. I hope she makes her first sale before the year ends. That’s the goal.

I guess that covers everything.

Overall, I’m doing well for where I am in the year. Can things be better? Sure. Could I be pushing even harder for things? Yeah.

The reason I’m not pushing harder is because it feels as if all my pushing leaves me wasted without anything to prove it worthwhile. Even these posts. No one reads them. I’m posting as if accountability. This is for my own accounting. My own views.

But if it was just for me, I’d be journaling. I’m missing something.

It’s probably the same something that makes retail an impossible match.

Where am I going?

What am I doing?

All these goals are getting me no where. No one cares. Why am I still trying?

[About Cat Hartliebe]

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