Poem: Leagende

For this month of celebration even my poetry will be on point.
This is the 300th post!!  Woo! *excitement*
Celebrate by buying Leagende. 😛


There is a place I never heard of
-at least until last night-
the leader used to be King Zeus,
and again, it’s all his right.
When I found the book pile
with Leagende across the page,
I wondered and I pondered
deciding whether to read.
Then laughed as if I questioned
to read or not to read,
since to read is always right.
It starts quite simply with a son.
He seeks his own mother
-she’s the elven queen.
He finds out he’s not unwanted,
and his title falls into place,
but you’ll never expect it,
because it does not end quite yet.
The second book’s a warning
more than anything else I’ve read.
Losing your connections may be
the same as losing your own head.
As if two books were not enough,
I reached out for the third.
The young daughter Castella
found something worth more
than a title of considerable worth.
But her mind was on her brother
-he’s older by a bit-
thinking he deserved the title
of king upon his head.
When I found the fourth book,
I was taken by surprise
since Zeus was not stopping
with the land his grandmother eyed.
He wanted not just equality
but unity, and I could not stop.
I devoured all the pages
of the story set in words.
When I finished book five,
I was surprised and confused.
What do you mean I must wait
for August 10th, 2019?
Can I have an ARC?

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