SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 30 : Kristen and Dominik

The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper starts off as any other low brow elf seeking a real place in life.  He didn’t think the real place would be babysitter to a dragon.  Part of him wishes the dragon mother decided on eating him instead of shoving him into this new role.  What was he thinking getting involved with Linda or Hartliebe or thinking he deserved more in life than running a beer company.  Beer is his life.  Or it was.  His life now seems a lot different.  And scary.
Genres: Adventure, fantasy

[WIP: The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper]

Kristen and Dominik

“I miss Alex.”  First comment from the ghost when he is forced to follow us again.

Rolling my eyes, I scoff, “Ghosts with girlfriends, who knew?”

“She isn’t my girlfriend.”  He returns with a snark.  “She’s Kevin’s.”

“So you’re saying there is a love triangle in the ghost groups?”

“We aren’t ghosts.  Not real ghosts anyway.  We were never alive.  Ghosts used to be alive.”  Tait looks away from me.

I try to ignore the not quite ghost.  Having little knowledge on ghosts, I guessed he was one.  He hasn’t made a comment against it before.  Our flight will go on a while passing by other elves and other travelers.  During the day the ghost cannot be found.  While in light, he cannot be seen or heard, but he can tap us.

When we reach the house in the forest I feel relieved.  Once we get this key, we can begin our trip to the ocean and to the isle.  Once there Tait can be freed.

“You seem more willing for the journey now.”  Cyro tells me while we wait for our knock to be answered.

“Yeah, well, now I want to get rid of the idiot who I took from that stupid village.”

“All for that?”  Cyro huffs.  “I thought you wanted to seriously come with me.”

“I don’t hate you or anything.  I hate the ghost.”  I thumb at the stick I have hanging on my back.

“Tait isn’t troublesome to me.”  Cyro watches as the door opens.  A frail looking elf male stares back at us.  “I’m Cyro and I want to visit the Isle of Terrick.”

He blinks at us.  “I am Pete.  I assume you are here for my daughter, Kristen.”  He waves us inside.  “She is busy with another customer at the moment.”

“Considering she is a famous witch, I can only assume such a thing happens.”  Cyro nods motioning me to sit down on a couch.  As if I would sit before the frail guy would.  So the three of us stand in the room waiting for the others to sit down.

“Father, stop bothering the customers.”  A woman walks in wearing such flamboyant colors I at first did not realize she is just an elf.  “I’m Kristen.”  She offers a hand to us.

I take it before Cyro can show off he is overly strong.  She cringes in my grip.  Well I didn’t think she would be that weak.  “I am Dominik and this is Dragon Cyro.  We came for the key to leave Terrick Isle.”

“Why?”  She looks between us then back at her father.  “You…?”

“They didn’t sit.”  He shrugs walking to the door.  With little effort he leaves us.

Kristen shakes her head back to staring at us.  “Well, the court ordered me to never give the key to anyone.”

“Well we will go with or without the key.  I got to get rid of the annoying ghost.”  I grumble touching my stick.

Her eyes widen at the new knowledge.  “I think I may be able to trust you, but you must return it.”

Cyro steps to her.  “If it is truly problematic, we will not take it from you.  Is there another key?”  I glare at him.  If this leads us to another quest before taking on the actual quest I will hit him.

The witch glances between us two before wringing her fingers.  “There is a key hidden on the top of Mount Nugget.”  A pause has me hit Cyro.  “I know a guide who can take you there.”

“Great.  A new quest.  I hate this babysitting job so much.”  Rubbing my knuckles, I know I did no damage to the dragon.  Even if he looks normal, he does have all the defense of a dragon.  “Who’s the guide?”

The witch hisses a little turning to a door into the house.  A man walks through looking none to happy.  “Me.  I’m Jeremy.”  Tall, long, and agile looking this elf will probably be troublesome.  I’d rather find the mountain on our own.

“Welcome to my horde, Jeremy.”  Cyro holds a hand out to him.  Jeremy blows it off.  “Well then we can go on our own.”

“It’ll cost you forty pieces for me to guide.  If you go without guide, you may never find it.”  He stiffly walks to the door blocking us.  “Half now, half when you find it.”

“What is the mountain invisible?”  I joke.


“What?” I step back.  “You mean Mount Nugget is invisible?  You cannot see it?”

“And there are monsters who live on the mountain, so I will only go with you to Mount Nugget.  You are on your own once you reach it.”

“You got to be kidding me.”  I cover my eyes with my hand.  This is just crazy.  “How about we just steal your key and…?”

“We don’t have the key anymore.”  Jeremy looks back at Kristen.  She looks half way between depression and fear.  “Someone took it.”

“So it’s either deal with this mountain or find a thief?”  I glance at Cyro.  He coughs a little smoke.  This is the first time I saw him do something like that, but it reminds me he is a dragon.  The mountain should not be a problem.  “Mount Nugget here we come.  You come too, Jeremy.  I have your money.”  Patting my pockets, I pull out the twenty pieces he wants up front.  “No running out on us.  You’ll be safer with us.”

“If you want to be fools, I won’t stop you.  I help anyone who pays.”  Jeremy walks us out of the house.  “And if you see the thief, I would be willing to hand back your money and let you use the key.”

“Deal.”  He walks into the coming darkness.  Crap we will have Tait annoying us again.  Will Jeremy see him?  Will he freak out as others have before?  Whatever, I get my wand ready by calling on the spell translate.  Jeremy looks confused by my action until the ghost shows itself at my side.

“We have a guest.”

“AH!”  Jeremy jumps sky high ready to run in any direction.

“This is a resident or ex resident of Terrick Isle.  He is why we must go with or without the key.”

Cyro jumps in, “I was going either way anyway.”

“You guys are insane.”  Jeremy lands safety walking with an uncertain step.  He seemed so strong and powerful before.  Now he is nothing but a kid who might’ve peed a little in his pants.  “I am only taking you to Mount Nugget.”

“That’s the plan.  Tait, I’ll fill you in.”

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