Poem: Equality

Just a basic one that fits Leagende, but also fits beyond Leagende. May our society finally see equality as the moral and just thing.

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No matter the color of your skin

no matter the life you started from

you deserve as many rights

as the king upon his throne

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33 thoughts on “Poem: Equality”

  1. I appreciate your replies, Cat, and I enjoy reading your posts. I have always thought you were really smart, and respected your intellect and your capacity for deep thought. I have to ask though, why did you say that “we totally need to kill off the human race”? You don’t really feel that way do you? I mean, surely, you wouldn’t advocate the deaths of millions or billions of people? That sounds like something Hitler or Stalin or Chairman Mao or Pol Pot would advocate.


    1. I’m going with this is “out of context theater”.
      The side of my who agrees wants ALL of humanity gone. Not a specific group (which is what those you named do). Humans are dangerous to the world they live on. Not only will they kill themselves off, they will kill many other species off.
      Nature will survive. But we’re creating a mass extinction.
      Generally when I add “totally” like that it’s a throw back to the 90s when totally was added to everything. I do so as a sarcastic comment. That would mean this is definitely a way to solve the problem, but probably not the best solution since what it actually means.
      tl;dr I’m bad at making jokes.


  2. Thanks, Cat. I was just curious, since with my new job I don’t really get to go to B&N in Brick that much anymore, does that creepy guy still stare at you in the Cafe? I remember Heather saying that he used to just sit down and stare at you a lot. He used to creep me out and stare at me when I worked there. Sometimes, I swear , he would even follow me around when I was working out on the floor. :*( He was creepy as hell!


  3. oh come on Cat, I know YOU KNOW who I am talking about, the guy you complained to Heather about….remember he used to come by on Friday nights a lot, and would just randomly stare at you from where he was seated…and he would always sit close to you….Heather said at first you thought he was cute, but then he started to really creep you out with is oddball behavior…He used to do the same thing to me whenever I was working in the cafe or out on the book floor…really creeped me out to be honest with you…


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