For Cyro; Basic Book Review

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Cyro as part of their homeschooling requirements has to write up book reviews. (Check him out on Goodreads!) This is because they love books. They love reading. Writing book reviews is the best way to tell your favorite authors “Thanks; I love you”. No, I’m serious.

But they struggle with the how to. How to start a review. How to begin writing. It seems hard. They feel lost and confused.

Many people feel that way. So to make it easier on them, I created a prompt to start them into a book review. You can use it too, if you want. As you write more reviews and read more reviews, you’ll pull away from the basic book review. But, Cyro hasn’t reached a million words. They’re not going to pull off what a book reviewer does. I don’t expect them to.

Basic book review

  1. I liked/loved/hated/disliked the book.
  2. My favorite part was ….
  3. My least favorite/other really cool part was….
  4. I want to read more within this series/ by this author. Or I never want to read more within this series/by this author. Or I may give this series/author another try another time.

Other possible ideas:

  • Focus on your favorite character/plot device/ setting.
  • Talk about the formatting ex, easy to read/ lots of pictures/ good headers/footers/page numbers.
  • Make a comment about the cover, the back cover, any reviews or notes besides the actual story.
  • Relate something within the book to your life, but keep it limited (more bring it to society’s viewpoint more than your own.)
  • Use quotes. If you have a favorite, say so.
  • Be confident when writing. This is to make others read or not read this book. Use words that reflect that.

Book reviews are not meant to be hard. This is enough of a review to really help someone reading the review. Book reviews sell more books. Do your favorite author a favor and write one.

As a note: book reviews also stop people from wanting to read a book. But that doesn’t mean a negative review is automatically going to stop a reader. Explain your reasons for disliking a book. Say the main character was annoying. Or that the setting was unrealistic. Reading is subjective. One person will love it; another will hate it. That’s how it works.

Reading is subjective. One person will love it; another will hate it.

Review DNR books saying you did so. Review short stories. Review free ebooks. Review novels from school. Review your textbooks even. Reviews really do help. Don’t be afraid to say how you felt while reading it and afterwards. Tell us you couldn’t put it down. We want to hear that. And so do other readers.

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