I’m done

I am no longer going to pay attention to this blog.

It’s supposed to get me writing sales.

It hasn’t.

If writing can’t help me. Then it’s hindering me.

What’s set to be posted will post. I will no longer be checking on the blog.

If you are interested, my gmail is still open. My books are still available.

Author isn’t a useful title. It’s worthless. Thanks for making it more so.

Things aren’t going the way I want them to. Author isn’t really helping me. But I can’t just stop. Writing is my way out of depression and through trauma. Just because I’ll spend less time here or on my writing career doesn’t mean it’s going anywhere.


If you’re looking for my interaction, leave a message, write an email, check my facebook, twitter, or instagram. I exist. I just need to find a more fulfilling career since this is making me more depressed not less.

To put in so much work and gain absolutely nothing from it…

Either I suck as an author (which is probably true) or the market doesn’t exist for my work (it doesn’t; I don’t fit anywhere).

Thanks for the help. I guess. Who even reads this? I’m a fool for thinking I actually matter.

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