Recipe: Grilled Cheese

Let’s get these recipes up during September. I’m not at 50 yet, but I’m closing in. Let me know if you attempt it and if anything is wrong or confusing. These aren’t the final recipes… I don’t think…

This was half made as a joke. Yet for those of us with trouble, it’s more of a reminder, yes these foods are an option. Pick your favorite sliced bread and any pre sliced cheeze product. Oil spray instead of buttering works. Or use a buttery spread that’s safe.

This was still made to give me an idea how to write out recipes.

Grilled Cheese


  • 2       slices of bread
  • 1        slice of cheese
  • 1+ T      butter (plus enough to butter bread)


  • 1        frying pan (not non-stick)
  • 1        knife
  • 1        spatula
  • 1        plate
  • Heat source (stove top)


  1. Butter one side of each slice of bread.
  2. Set pan on stovetop to medium.  Put 1 T of butter into frying pan.
  3. When the butter in the pan is melted, place one slice of bread butter side down into pan.  Place the slice of cheese on top of bread.  Place second slice of bread on top of cheese butter side up.
  4. Let cook.  When bottom of bread is golden brown and cheese mostly melted, flip carefully with spatula.
  5. Let the second side brown.  Remove from heat and serve.

(Remember to turn off heat source)


  • Any sliced bread on the market can be used. You can even use handmade or bakery made.  Just slice to the size of pre-slice and use as normal.
  • For those who cannot have dairy, there are many other cheeses on the market that are sliced. Daiya is my go to.  Their sliced cheddar matches the flavors of American cheese very well.  Some cheeses do not melt as well as others.
  • For those who cannot have dairy, there are several options for butter replacement. Earth Balance has a no soy no dairy “butter”; some margarines taste the same as butter, but are all soy.  Stick with things that taste like butter for something like grilled cheese.  Oil sprays are the next best option if nothing else is available.
  • The number one choice for grilled cheese is American cheese. It melts perfectly.
  • Fancy grilled cheese contains other items. You can stuff all sorts of things inside.  Just make sure there is cheese touching both bread slices with the stuff in the middle.

© Hartliebe   2019

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Allergen Friendly Cookbook]

Note: Made by an American. It’s not in metric. [Conversion Tool] or [Recipe converter]

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