My Favorite Letter : J

[About Cat Hartliebe]

I have been asked so many times. I wear a J on my necklace. It’s my most constant jewelry piece actually. I love J. I have all sorts of things with my favorite letter on it.

I even ask others: What’s your favorite letter? It’s one of those absurd questions. I have a legit answer. Normally people use the first letter of their first name. As if you really can’t have a favorite letter without having a strong connection to you.

That’s stupid. Favorites don’t need to have such a reason. My favorite letter is J. I love the curve it offers me. It’s such a smooth letter to write. It has nothing to do with my family, my friends, my first crush, or anything. It’s my favorite letter.

Why? Why would I pick a favorite letter? When did I?

Okay here goes the long reasoning. When I was in middle school I read Sherlock Holmes for the first time. I got to watch a movie based off his story. I thought it was intriguing and interesting. I never could guess the answer as he did. Really it was more not all the information was available to the reader. It taught me a few techniques and whatnot as a writer. And showed me a few parts of society I hate.

But he is the reason I never picked C or G as my favorite letters. For one, C is really bland and ugly. G isn’t much better. But my decision to pick a letter other than them was because people look at the letter on my necklace and assume it has to do with my name. I hated that key note. As if I was giving away something special to me. I like being mysterious and hidden, so I could not pick C or G.

I love the curved letters. S had some time in the running. But everyone loves S. It’s found everywhere. I don’t want to share my favorite letter with tons of people. I want to pick one that few have interest in. A letter that isn’t commonplace.

That lead me to J. The more I weighed my thoughts, the more I leaned closer to the letter. I love it. J is beautiful. It’s rare in writing, so the sight of it makes it all the more important.

Do you have a favorite letter? Did it come from some strange place as mine did? Have you not even spent time thinking it over? I’ve confused so many neurotypicals over the idea. They just don’t get the magic of being different. I don’t much like them either. If you can’t think outside the box, we probably wouldn’t get along.

[About Cat Hartliebe]

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