Poem: Sweet Little Lie

(My heart is not to be trusted.)

Sweet Little Lie

Sweet little lie
my heart told me
everyday i’m feeling
lost and lonely
take a moment to protect
to see
to feel
to love again

told me you feel something
told me you care a lot
left me thinking you think of me
the heart made me into a fool

sweet little lie
made me believe
you actually saw me
i’d rather live in this lie
my heart told to me
pretending you see me
pretending you feel the same

drag me through the pain
rip my heart out
it’s okay with me
It hasn’t been honest
i’m losing myself

sweet little lie
my heart did swear
its untrustworthy
not that you really care
it weighs on my mind
my body
my soul

this big old heart of mine
told me something new
i’m gonna believe
and hope
and dream
this sweet little lie
is better than nothing.

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Blackpink’s newest song Lovesick Girls hits these notes exactly::::!!!!
No wonder I love it and consider it a theme song.

I’m gonna just be listening to this for a while. On repeat.

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