Poem: I am Tired

(You are probably tired too. Don’t give up.)

I am Tired

I am tired
Tired of fearing what may come
And tired of what does come
Even if unexpected.

I am sick and tired
Of everything that is supposed to happen
And everything that does happen.
Even surrounded.

I am tired.
I am sick of all the nonsense I am beholden to
All the cruelty I watch
All the terror I see.

I am sick and tired.
Of this.  Of life.  Of existence.
I am far too tired to fight off the world’s weaknesses
And too tired to slink back into the recesses.

I am tired.
But not too tired to give up
Or give in.  Or lose one spit of chance.
Tiredness does not stop the flower.  It does not stop me.

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