SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 38 : Zee and Dominik

The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper starts off as any other low brow elf seeking a real place in life.  He didn’t think the real place would be babysitter to a dragon.  Part of him wishes the dragon mother decided on eating him instead of shoving him into this new role.  What was he thinking getting involved with Linda or Hartliebe or thinking he deserved more in life than running a beer company.  Beer is his life.  Or it was.  His life now seems a lot different.  And scary.
Genres: Adventure, fantasy

[WIP: The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper]

Zee and Dominik

When Zee comes to our side, I feel calmer with Sujatha.  She is a harsh critic, but fair.  She suits the Mad Hatters, as many of the crew does.  “Dominik, have you seen Dragon Cyro?”

“Did he disappear?  He won’t go far.”  He needs them to help him find a boat.  We cannot easily make it to the Isle without a boat.

“I know.”  Zee sighs plopping down next to me.  “Sujatha, have you seen Erin yet?”

“She’s about a day out.  When she gets here we will ship out.”

“This party will last forever.  What about the dragons?”  Zee leans back relaxing.

“Dead asleep at the inn.  Maybe Dragon Cyro went there.”  Sujatha drinks again.  “Should I do a search?”

“You don’t know him well enough.”  Zee frowns glancing at me.  “Dominik can you find him?”

“Probably.”  I hold out the wand.  The two females watch me cast the spell.  The wand fails me, which means I must rely on my physical senses or mental skills to find him.  I doubt that will help.  “I guess not.  But he won’t go far.  He needs a boat and me.”  I tap my chest.  “And Ethan.”

“Ethan…”  Zee frowns looking across the room.  “Does he have land or family?”

“He’s a dragon horde piece; you tell me.”  That was a given.

“Yeah.”  She sighs.  “Well, is he on break from work?”

“He’s traveling with us.  Although I am Cyro’s protector, he is also part of the horde and cannot easily leave the baby alone.  He is not technically on a quest for Dragon Hartliebe, though.”

“Good.”  Zee hops up.  “I’m gonna go talk to him about accommodations tonight.  Where do you plan to sleep?”

Where do I want to?  Do I even want to sleep?  “How about I go get a room at the inn?”

“Suit yourself.”  She shrugs nodding to Sujatha.  “Sujatha can walk you there if you don’t think you can easily find it.”

“Nah, I’ll be fine.  I should also try to find Cyro.”  I give my farewells to the Mad Hatters before disappearing out the door.  The first place I find is the Inn.  The signs and energy pulsing out of it makes it very easy to find.  Derrick can control his magic, but his children are young and free.  It reminds me of my own ritual started at birth.  After this I need to visit home.

The walk passed the inn has me remembering my friends.  Will and Grace must be looking at marriage by now.  I was expecting the comment before leaving, but I left out of the blue.  I wonder if I’ll make their wedding.  Has David given up on Jade?  Or did they finally start dating?  And John probably has a steady girl at this point.  He was headed that way, although he was still having fun.  Jay… Well if he can have fun, he will have fun.  When will his family force him into marriage and to who?

Then what about Linda?  She would be Lord now, but how much struggling has she gone through?  And Dad.  What is he up to?  Did they have another child to teach beer to?  I miss home.  My sigh gets a response.

“What’s wrong with you so close to the end of the journey?”  Cyro watches me walk over to him.  He found the dock and has been eyeing the ships.  I walked here randomly.

“Missing home.”

“I don’t want to go back to the cave before having Terrick behind me.”  He looks out to the ocean before us.  “Zee said they have a boat docked here and we will leave in a couple days.”

“They are waiting for Erin to show.”  Sitting down next to Cyro on the dock I can calm some.  I am far from home and still pretty close.  What would it take to get back to my village?  A week?  Two?  How long have I been gone?  I don’t even know.


“Hi Tait.”  Cyro turns back to see the ghost finally showed up.  I have to use my translate spell before being able to understand him.  “We’ve missed you.”

“Liar.  You hated me annoying you every night.  What happened?”  He looks between us.

“We got the key.”  Cyro nods back to the Zee’s house.  “It blocked you.”

“Ah.”  He taps his lips for a moment.  “So you are ready to go to the isle.”

“Getting closer, that’s for sure.  It seems we will be traveling with pirates.”  Cyro nods at his words.  “The Mad Hatters, to be precise.”

“I heard of them.”  Tait sits down between us not touching the ground but staying at our level.  “They should reach the place just as easily as Old Pops did.”  He lies down staring up at the sky.  “I can’t wait to get home.”

“You’re not the only one.”  I sigh looking at the water.  I never would have thought I would see the ocean in my entire life.  “But Terrick Isle comes first.”

“I’ll help guide you there if need be.”  Tait pops up.  “I know the area.”

“I would hope so.”  Cyro stands up dusting himself off.  “Let’s head for the Inn.  Sleeping a bit before sailing will do us well.”

“You’re going to sleep?”  I ask him confused.

“Yeah.  Even dragons need sleep, just not often.  So I’ll get my yearly nap in while we are still on dry land.  I don’t know how long this will take.”  He walks onward.  I follow.

Tait leans over me whispering, “At least three days, but probably more like six months.”

“Great.”  Rolling my eyes I wish I had any other task again.  But I am glad Hartliebe did not eat me.  If she did I would have never have had such a beauty that is Cat.  Which reminds me I need to practice my magic spells.  “You guys go ahead.  I’ll meet you at Zee’s house, tomorrow, Cyro.”

“Okay.  Don’t be late.”  He waves me off.

I move out of the shore town to begin my practice.  The night moves slowly and I go for a short rest soon after the moon reaches the horizon.  After dawn has occurred, I head for Zee’s house to see disarray and a mess of half asleep crew.  Those who aren’t asleep clean.  Erin still has not showed.  Sailing cannot begin until she gets here.

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