New Author… Er… Kinda

I set Cyro up with their own wordpress author profile. I have no idea if they’ll post things using it or not. They decided (on their own!) to hack my blog and make a post. This way, there is no hacking required.

It wasn’t a real hacking. They opened my computer and clicked my bookmarked link. I’m always signed on unless I’ll be going into an area where people would actually do things cruelly to me. Basically never. I don’t bring my computer into such areas. I’m not stupid. This thing is my life.

This means I need to go back to the posts they made and the poetry I posted of theirs and changed who wrote it. That’s no big deal. My posts won’t really change. I don’t think Cyro is going to do much writing here. If I thought that, they’d get their own blog to fiddle on.

Who knows, though. Welcome the new author to Cat Hartliebe Chaos Blog: Cyro Hartliebe. If they gets serious, they’ll make their own blog to draw a crowd. Wish them luck!

Cyro also has a goodreads, youtube (for Taekwondo), and an email: Don’t be afraid to follow them or send them a message. They’ll eventually respond. (Normally, it comes down to me to checking their email and letting them know if someone actually wrote them. Perhaps if they had a constant contact, it would be different.)

[About Cyro Hartliebe] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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