SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 41 : Priscilla and Dominik

The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper starts off as any other low brow elf seeking a real place in life.  He didn’t think the real place would be babysitter to a dragon.  Part of him wishes the dragon mother decided on eating him instead of shoving him into this new role.  What was he thinking getting involved with Linda or Hartliebe or thinking he deserved more in life than running a beer company.  Beer is his life.  Or it was.  His life now seems a lot different.  And scary.
Genres: Adventure, fantasy

[WIP: The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper]

Priscilla and Dominik

The rest of the day and much of the night, I fish beside Ethan.  He nods off after a while.  One particularly difficult fish dragged the sleeping horde elf overboard.  The crew starts a call to save him, but Ethan returns rubbing his eyes.  “Sorry.”

“Don’t mess with us like that.”  Zee grumbles.  “We thought it was a siren that took you over.”

“I wouldn’t mind that.”  Ethan puts his fishing rod aside.  “I think we have fish enough for the first siren.  And I seem to need a bit of sleep.”

“That’s bad news.”  Zee looks out to the ocean.  We can no longer see any form of land.  “Erin says we’re already in their waters.”  A quick glance at me has Zee exhaling relieved.  “Well at least you’re not sleepy.  Siren song can only be heard by males and tends to make them fall asleep and sleepwalk off the ship.”

Ethan frowns looking at the sea.  “Nah, I’m normal tired.  You know I didn’t sleep last night.”  His wink makes Zee blush.  She grabs his arm and drags him away from the edge of the ship.

Shrugging, I focus on the fishing.  I haven’t caught much.  Ethan has some skill, perhaps a spell.  “Three days minimum.”

“Where’d the cutie go?”  The soft compelling voice reaches out to me.  Part of me the very unstable part wants to jump into the water and greet it thoroughly.  That must be a siren.  Just at the edge of the water bobbing a little in the wave, rests a female.  Her tangled long hair is either thin seaweed or thick elfin hair.  Those dew like green eyes pout out of her green almost scaly skin.  She reaches her hand out of the water showing webbed fingers.  The low song hits my ears compelling me as Ethan was almost.

“You got one!”  Cyro grabs my shoulders holding me in place.  “Can I feed her?”  The siren continues her song confused by Cyro’s lack of response.  “Here you go fishy!”  Cyro tosses three confused fish out to the siren.  She captures it in her mouth gulping them down in mere seconds.  “Sirens are so pretty.”  He sighs leaning on me.

“Can’t you hear my song?”  The siren blinks up at Cyro rising out of the water to show off a shapely form.  Her breasts are unlike an elf’s, though since no nipple marks where a milk could be produced.  “Come into the water…”

Cyro tilts his head looking her over.  “Sirens don’t work on dragons.  They also don’t work on kids.  They can work on elves though.”  He glances at me.  “You had to get hit directly to be compelled, right?  You’re getting so strong.”

“Huh?”  I shake it off.  “No, I was almost lost.”

“Can’t drown a dragon either.”  Cyro rubs my head.  I toss him off.  Then my eyes return to the siren.  “Are you hungry still?”

“No.  Interested.  May I come aboard?”  She touches her chest lightly.  Her egotist nature would probably make that a problem.”

“The girls won’t be affected by her.”  Cyro chuckles holding out a hand to the siren.  “I think Ethan is the only one at threat.  And I’ll watch him close.”

The siren pulls a waterspout up so she could easily board the massive ship.  She steps out with one scaled leg and then another.  A glamour covers her the moment she leaves the water.  Her green eyes are the same, but the hair and skin match a plain’s elf, just without the ears or wings.  “Thank you.  I am Priscilla.”  She bows slightly letting her eyes lower.

“Welcome aboard.  Let’s go meet the captain.”  Cyro grabs her hand dragging her along.  I stare at the fish bucket and then at the water.  Will we see fewer sirens or more while one is on board?  Rolling eyes and shoulders, I follow after the pair.

Captain Jess has no idea what to say upon meeting the siren.

“A pleasure, I’m sure.”  Priscilla holds out a hand.  “I would love to join in on your adventure and learn more of the female pirate ship.  I haven’t seen much of you lately.”

“You were aware of us?”  Jess shivers.  “I mean, of course even sirens knew of the terror the Mad Hatters produced.”

“Is Amanda still on board?”  Priscilla looks about.  “I had a contest with her a couple of decades ago.  I need to let her know she won.”

“Ah, she’s probably manning the…”

“I found her.  Thank you for the healthy welcome.”  Priscilla bobs a little before ducking out of the room.

Jess stares at the exit for a while before glaring daggers at Cyro and me.  “Watch her.  And watch for more sirens.  Who’s to say if she’s draw more or less.”  Jess grinds her teeth.  “Out!”

Cyro flies off after Priscilla, but I walk.  The inside of the ship does not make me comfortable flying.  I prefer being on deck with the sea air all around.  The siren managed to find Amanda.  The demon has the eagle’s position and the siren knocks on the mast until Amanda leaves her spot.

When the demon realizes who Priscilla is, her fire comes out.  Cyro frowns at the interaction standing before the siren.  “Let me at her.”

Priscilla pouts, which I would swear makes me horny.  “Please have a little more faith in me.”

“You made a storm above us the last time.”

“And you won.”  Priscilla bows her head.  “I concede defeat.  What do you wish for as your favor?”

“I need no favor of yours.”  Amanda releases her fire into a puff and returns to her previous position.  “Go home.”

“Tsk.”  Priscilla leans on Cyro rubbing her body against his.  “Shall we go home?”

Cyro coughs stepping from the siren.  “Dragon.”  He points at himself.  “Your magic won’t work.”

She spins finding me standing there.  “Poor, poor, lonely child.  Keep me company?”

That unstable part acts up, but this time I’m aware.  Refusing the desires is impossible, but refusing the actions is within my skill range.  I don’t need a siren’s play.  I already have enough nonsense to deal with.  And a female who sated me none too long ago.  “No.”

Cyro claps his hands giddy.  “I wanna tell Cat.  I’m helping you like she asked.”

“I’m surprised you had more than a yelling match.”  I rub my forehead.  The siren tries a bit harder, which grants me a headache.

“She asked me to keep an eye on you.  That’s what friends do anyway, right?”  Cyro taps his chin.  “I was clueless until she said you have the blood too.  So if you turn we can be real friends!”  The siren covers her ears at Cyro screech.  The dragon wasn’t that loud.  I cannot tell if the ringing was from the siren or his yell, though.

“What are we now?  Fake friends?  Friendships can overcome racial differences, right?  Look at Amanda and Leah within this crew.  Are they not Mad Hatters?”

“Ah… You have a point.  But elves live such a short life compared to a dragon.  Even with our support.”  Cyro frowns flying over to Priscilla before she jumps into the sea.  “Why do you wish to leave?”

“I cannot succeed here, so I will leave.”  She nods at the dragon who backs off.  “Have a nice life, dragon.  I hope to never see you again.”

Cyro frowns as the siren dives back into the water.  The moment she touches her non-siren form disappears.  The last sight of her is the green tip of her tail.  “I don’t think I much like sirens.”

“They are a mix between lust, envy, and wrath.”  I shake the tension from my hands.  “I think sleep would help and hinder me right now.”

“And you need a new pair of pants before you break them.”  Cyro points out the extra large bulge.

Grumbling, I move away from the dragon child.  How do normal males deal with sirens?  Besides die at the siren’s whim?  “You should make sure Ethan is safe.  He’s tempted by sirens.”

“That’s cause he loves lust.”  Cyro flies off without another word on the matter.

Slinking into a corner of the deck, I find myself dozing off.  Exhausted by refusing the siren’s call, I worry over being caught easily the next time.  I am not a pure dragon.

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