Poem: Try to Praise the Dishwasher

(This was made back in college. It was an assignment in a class I ended up dropping out of. I really wish I didn’t. But, my health kicked out and I had to drop something. I was doing well in every class at the time, but couldn’t keep it up. I kept my science and math classes and dropped my poetry class. It was a lot of writing that didn’t help me.)

Try to Praise the Dish Washer

Try to praise the dish washer.
Remember last night’s supper,
And roast beef, cups of tea, the peas.
The fungi that methodically overtake
The abandoned lunch trays of children.
You must praise the dish washer.
You watched the lake of bubbles and suds;
One of them will clean the fork,
While greasy pans awaited others.
You’ve seen the refuse heading downward,
You’ve heard china ting carefully.
You should praise the dish washer.
Remember the moments when we were together
In the stained kitchen and the sink sputtered.
Return to the gushing facet like a waterfall compared.
You gathered dust in the attic during summer
And cardboard covered over the best wares.
Praise the dish washer
And the silverware a seller brought,
And the soothing hands that stray and vanish
And return.

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