The Top Ten Most Desired Pokemon of All Time

The Top Ten Most Desired Pokemon of All Time

by Beauti Fly

Out of all the pokemon all over the world, pokemon trainers have been seeking only a few. We’re not talking about the “gotta catch them all” group. They want everything. We’re talking about the high end collectors. We’re talking about the preference of pokemon professors.

In our vast collection of studies, we have found out the top ten most desired pokemon.

10. Magnetmite. Mostly because they make it easy to make the city and your personal home run smoothly. Few electric pokemon are as desired as magnetmite.

9. Blissey is one of the most well known and hard to require pokemon. Your nearest Nurse Joy and her Blissey have been a pokemon trainer’s best friend. #Supportnursejoy

8. Carnivine. You may have never seen such a pokemon, but for those who have, this pokemon keeps the bugs out of the house and away from you. It’s a must have pokemon to have traveling in some areas.

7. Castform is a powerful pokemon. I haven’t met a farmer who didn’t have a castform on duty. If you are happy over your meals being so perfect and ready on time, blame the castform.

6. Delibird is a friend of all travelers. If you happen to spot one, remember not to catch it. It’s there to support anyone in need.

5. Eevee is one of the most common favorite pokemon. Such a fun loving pokemon that can turn into eight different variations. My favorite is glacion.

4. Garados. It’s more of a love from afar type of deal. But it gives people hope to see such a weak and pointless pokemon like magicarp turn into such a deadly monster. But they’re only nice when they don’t visit downtown.

3. Dragonite. Out of every pokemon in the pokedex, dragonite is extremely popular. All signs say this pokemon isn’t even possible to find in the wild. If you cannot find a draniti and make that pokemon your best friend, dragonite is impossible.

2. Mewtwo is almost as desired as our top pokemon. But after the studies that Professor Ivy has done on the pokemon, it is more capture for the sake of it. Still Mewtwo is one of those pokemon that are near impossible to acquire. At least we know for certain it exists.

1. The most desired pokemon of all time out everyone we studied is Mew. This elusive pokemon has said to not even exist. But stories have it the original pokemon is somewhere out there. If you get your hands on the small flying invisible psychic pokemon, you have succeeded in a way no one thought possible. You would literally be the number one trainer of all time.

Why is pikachu not on this list? Because the annoying little ball of electricity is just a corporate pawn. It deserves no love from the real collectors of pokemon. #banpikachu

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