SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 43 : Sonya and Dominik

The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper starts off as any other low brow elf seeking a real place in life.  He didn’t think the real place would be babysitter to a dragon.  Part of him wishes the dragon mother decided on eating him instead of shoving him into this new role.  What was he thinking getting involved with Linda or Hartliebe or thinking he deserved more in life than running a beer company.  Beer is his life.  Or it was.  His life now seems a lot different.  And scary.
Genres: Adventure, fantasy

[WIP: The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper]

Sonya and Dominik

“Hey, hey, hey!”  That would be Sonya.  Not that I mind her, but she is hard to keep up with.  Not physically.  I’m faster from my dragon wanderings.  Her mental abilities get me lost and confused.  It reminds me so much of Jay that I hate being around her.

I try to walk away, but she captures me with a hand.  I could hurt her, but then where would I be.  Exhaling, I allow her to keep me restrained.  “Yes?”

“You’re Dominik, Dragon Cyro’s elf, right?”

“I think that’s obvious.”

“Can you help me, then?”  She begins dragging me.  Her inability to move me does not stop her from trying.  With a sigh, I give in.  We end up before a cabin.  She knocks loudly.  “I have Dominik.”

“Tell him to walk through the door.”  Ethan calls back.  “I cannot exit the room with the siren threat.”  He muffles a few more words and then scratches at the door.

I step back shaking my head.  “I can’t do that.”

“But your that dragon’s elf.”  Sonya frowns staring at the door.  “And Dragon Cyro locked him in the room and stored away the key.”

“It’s better that way.  The rest of us can handle the sirens.  Or generally can.”  I scratch the back of my head.  Hopefully I can.  Maybe a locked room would do me well, too.

“But, Dragon Cyro was giving you praise earlier.  I’m not sure what of, but I figured this isn’t hard for a dragon.  And he…”  Sonya continues talking coasting into a conversation about how dragons are a bit too powerful.

“Um… Sonya?”

“Are you going to…?”

“I don’t know how.”  I turn away.  “I’ll find Cyro and…”

“He refused.”  Sonya pouts.  “And I want to share Ethan’s bed.  If I do that he won’t be caught by the siren, right?”

“Sirens don’t work like that, Sonya.”  I wave it off.  “Have Cyro trap you inside.”

“But I also need to eat.  Cyro has ignored him since he put him in the room hours ago.”

“Stop bothering me.”  Walking does not make her stop badgering me.  However her attempts will be in vain.  Walking through walls is something I cannot do.  Maybe in a few years after some kind of practice, but right now I can’t.  “Stop.”  When I turn to really look at her since the words stopped.  She is trapped within the dragon magic.  I reach for my wand, but I was not holding it and wasn’t activating it.  Could I have used the spell without the components?  Just because I’m used to it?

Without removing the spell, I head for the deck. A quick scan and the difficult ones are missing.  Slipping from the deck, I coast into the air.  I am caught at first by a tough gust, but find my comfort zone flying solo, but close to the ship.

“Hey.”  Cat’s voice hits me from my left.  I drop a few feet in the air, but catch myself before hitting anything.  “I didn’t think letting Cyro know of your blood would make him go this crazy.”

“He sees the end of his adventure.  He’s excited.”

“It’s more than that, Dominik.”  Cat watches the ship bob in the ocean.  “You’re not far.  If you continue to have smooth sails, I’d say two days?”

“Two days?  That quick?”

“Stop being terrified.  You have dragons on board.”  Cat motions to the sea vessel.  “I swear you don’t realize what that means.  Weren’t you aware of the terror dragons offer?”

“I guess.  I knew Hartliebe could come whenever she wanted and destroy everything I knew and loved.”

Cat scoffs at me.  “That’s it?  She could do a lot more than that, you know.”

“Anything beyond the limits of my imagination will be unhelpful.  That’s why those in the village used the stories they did.  It was as insane as we could imagine.  And some of us made it even worse.  But I had little imagination.  She was ultimately the only one I owed my life to.  And when the time came, I knew I could accept the requirement.  Even my life.  I gave my life to her.  Because it meant the village was safe.  Lord Linda would have a chance to catch up.  My friends would be able to continue their lives.  My parents will find someone who’ll become the next beer master.”

Cat sighs curling up with only her wings making movement.  “You gave up everything in your life for the safety of everyone.  You’re just a good guy.”

“Useless.  I’m a useless guy.  So I let myself be taken.”

“A dragon blood is never useless.”  She sadly smiles at me in her curl.  “Hartliebe saw it as a perfect option.  She knew you could keep her baby in line.”

“Knew?  How could she know?”

“Just like she knew I would be a good nurse.”  Cat uncurls stretching out her body on the air.  “She sees things.  If you asked Derrick how he feels about Hartliebe, you’d be surprised by his response.”

“I would?”

“Derrick basically sees Hartliebe as his mom.”  Cat flexes her body out completely.  Her wispy form looks delicious while so open.

Ignoring her body to focus on my own issues needs to happen.  Harder done than said.  “You don’t even use titles.”

“I would title Dragon Hartliebe.  She deserves it.  But Derrick said I didn’t need to.”  Cat pouts out her lips.  “Actually Hartliebe did nothing when I didn’t title her.  She looks at me as her daughter.”

“Cyro hates his mother’s desire to protect and coddle him, but besides that, he’s completely a mama’s boy.”

Cat glances at me.  “His father was not required to stay.  And no one minds.  That’s why I was collected.”

“You knew his father?”

“Saw him once.”  Cat nods.  “Not much to look at.”


“Yeah?”  She peers up at me from her relaxed position.


Cat moves in to grab my arms.  “I’m proud of you.  Not only have you conquered those spells I gave you, but you made friends with a real dragon, have several other bloods seeking your skills, and have Cyro under a good grip.”

“I’m skill-less.”

“There is a siren below us you’re ignoring completely.”  Cat points down where another siren sings.  “She wants you.  And you’re ignoring her.”

“You point it out now?  I’ll be easier to catch.”  I grip her arm denying her the ability to fly away.

“Besides this.”  She fondles with me a little.  These pants are not going to last siren songs there and back.  “You’re unaffected.”

“I thought that was because of you.”  I burn while making the comment.

“Aw.”  Cat slips her hands around me.  “You’re adorable, kid.”  Her mouth captures mine.

When I pull back to breathe, I force out the words, “Stop calling me kid.  I’m Dominik.”

“Alright.”  Cat captures me again.  The pause happens quite some time later.  “How about we go claim a nice place to satisfy the urges the ‘siren’ caused?”

“You quoted siren, didn’t you?”  I glower at her, but instead of words, I am teleported away.  By the time I return to the ship, the night has turned to day.  Cat had me as her slave.  And honestly, I had no reason to mind.  Not even Cyro missed my absence.  When I reach the ship again, I fall back into the routine fishing.

Any future sirens will get the same treatment as the last two.  I’m stronger than them.  Because I’m a dragon blood.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books] [WIP: The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper]

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