SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 44 : Johni and Dominik

The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper starts off as any other low brow elf seeking a real place in life.  He didn’t think the real place would be babysitter to a dragon.  Part of him wishes the dragon mother decided on eating him instead of shoving him into this new role.  What was he thinking getting involved with Linda or Hartliebe or thinking he deserved more in life than running a beer company.  Beer is his life.  Or it was.  His life now seems a lot different.  And scary.
Genres: Adventure, fantasy

[WIP: The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper]

Johni and Dominik

Throughout the day, I fish.  Ethan visits during some of it to see what things are going on with me.  “You know this is dangerous for me.  I want to fish.  I don’t want to be trapped in rooms scanning supplies and cleaning.”  Ethan sticks his tongue out.  He pokes at the fish bucket where they feed the sirens.  “You missed one of them showing up.  Amanda took care of her.  She yelled after getting burnt, ‘You will never see the last of Alyssa!'”  Ethan shakes his head with a chuckle.  “I wish I was there.  I wouldn’t mind not seeing the last of her.”

“You do realize sirens eat elves, right?  Not just carnivores, but desperate for intelligent life.”  My eyes are set to the water.  Sirens are more common at night.  But still, Ethan should not be close to the water.  “Shouldn’t you get back inside?”

“Cyro will drag me back in a few moments.  When he realized I managed to sneak out.”  Ethan drops to the deck staring up at the sky.  “Between Sonya and Zee my mind is going in circles.  Who should I chose?”

“You’re playing with two Mad Hatters, you know.”  Call me Captain Obvious.

“Yeah, but I’m a dragon piece, which means I am not a stable boyfriend or husband type.  Not unless they want to join the horde.”  Ethan turns to me gaining eye to eye contact.  His demeanor has lost a lot of the bright cheerful upbeat attitude I’m used to.  “Would you give up your freedom for me?”

“You’re asking the wrong person.  I handed myself over to protect my village.”  I pull up a struggling fish and place it carefully in the bucket.

“Nice guy.”  Ethan exhales covering his face.  “I can get girls.  I can’t keep ’em.”

“So, a long term relationship is still possible.”  A shrug comes with my words.

Ethan scoffs back, “Long term between dragons and elves is impossible.”

“And we’re stuck on dragon time.”

“Exactly.  It’s either short flings or I collect an elf for Hartliebe’s horde.”  Ethan rolls over curling into himself.  “I’m tired.”

“Hope it’s not a siren’s fault.”  My line tugs in the water.  I tug back pulling up nothing.  “What…?”  Ethan comes into view going over the side.  “Hey!  Ethan!”

A shot of fire hits Ethan and he goes into the water flaming.  I hope his defenses hold up nicely.  Amanda flies down to catch Ethan before he douses himself with ocean waves.  “Idiot.  Downstairs is safe.”  She glares at me while carrying the elf called Ethan.  “Be careful.”

My gaze follows the demon downstairs.  Ethan was up on deck for only a few minutes and a siren shows up.  He’s so easy for them.  And he’s the only one who’s easy.  Scanning the water around, nothing peeks my interests.  The siren would be below the waves then.  “Well, then, back to fishing.”

The next tug has me quicker.  I feel the weight release right before the hook reaches the air.  The slight flash of blue settles in the back of my mind.  Definitely the siren who bothered Ethan.  “I can’t seem to get a fish.  Maybe if I throw one back, I can catch it again.”

I pick a fish up in my hands and toss it overboard.  The fish looks excited to be diving back in.  Until it dives into the mouth of a siren.  Her scales match the ocean’s sea green and the hair tangled behind her remind me much of sand in coloration.  Odd for seaweed.  Then she’s under letting her tail knock water back up to me.  “Saw that coming.”  Looking around at the water again, I reach for another fish.

“Stop!”  A hand comes up out of the water.  The blue I figured was the siren, but now as I see more of it, it does not match the sea green one.  Two sirens?  “Laurel will overeat.”  She rests with her upper half out of water.  The smooth nature of sirens remind me more of fish than elf.

“Johni!”  The sea green comes back fisting the ocean splashing the blue one.  “I’ll tell!”

“We are not here to eat.  We’re here for capture.”  Johni glowers at the sea green.  Her arms cross.  The stiffness in her back shows a high headed egotism, I expect from the swimming death traps.

“Good to know you weren’t planning on eating Ethan.”  I toss another fish out to Laurel who eats readily much to Johni’s dismay.  “I am Dominik.”

“You’re the one who cannot be charmed.  As good as I am and tricky as Laurel is, you still have yet to succumb.  Why?”  She keeps her body on guard, but her eyes lofty and interested.

“I’m special.”

“No one is special.”  She throws a water ball up at me.

I hold a hand up, but I never learnt a defense against water.  I figured fire and lightning would be needed with Cyro.  Now I get hit with a magically forced ball of water.  It barely stung.  However I’m now soaked.  “I need more spells in my repertoire.”

“A mage?  Mages are not uncharmable.”  Johni readies another ball.

I pull my wand out and tell the ball halfway to me to stop.  Thankfully it stops dropping back to the ocean.  “Alright enough being different.  Go back home, Sirens.”

“You cannot tell us what to do.”  Johni screams tossing water balls so fast I cannot stop all of them.  After a while the soaking body I own growls back at her.

Laurel moves into Johni’s way before another barrage of attacks could happen.  “No, Johni.  We need to return.”

“With him.”

“Pissing off a guy who can refuse us is not a smart move.  Didn’t Mom tell us that already?”  Laurel pushes Johni back under water.  “Let’s go back home before someone spots us out here.”

Johni shakes her fist up at me.  “You will suffer greatly for denying a siren.”

“I already suffer greatly.”  I tap my dragonfly mark.  “By a dragon.  You don’t stand a chance against one.”  I toss another fish to Laurel.  “Good bye, girls.”  I wave as they drop below the sea.  Laurel offered a wave back as they disappear.

I return to fishing.  The fish are easier to catch when sirens are not around.  Collecting my bucket full, I rest waiting for the siren show.  I wait for three days.  Three days it takes the ship to reach sight of the shore.

The Isle of Terrick stands before me.  And with the sun setting behind us, we decide to wait until morning to reach shore.  So I sit with my fish and the distant shore.  When the sun disappears I realize I’m not alone.  I throw on the translate spell, but Tait is not talking.  He is just staring at his old home.

Cyro comes up to us in our silence.  “I wonder what it’ll be like.”  He sighs sitting to stare alongside us.

“Beautiful.”  Tait holds a hand out for it.  “It’ll be hard to overcome the tides, though.  I hope you know everyone who isn’t powerful needs to be below deck.”

“Already planned that.”  Cyro taps my shoulder.  “You never visited Derrick.  He’s been telling everyone to be below deck.”

“Ah, yeah.  I’ve been fishing.”  I point at the fish bucket.  “I haven’t eaten since I came back with Cat.”

Cyro nods.  “I was meaning to ask where you went during that time.  Always something else coming up.”  He let’s his head fall against the spirit ghost thing.  “Tait, will we reach your home without hardships?”

“Do you wish I lie?”  Tait pushes Cyro onto me.  The dragon only curls up on my lap.  “You’re a crazy dragon.”

“I’m almost done.”  Cyro pulls out his book.  “I’ll take on everything written in here.”

“I doubt you want to handle everyone on shore.  Just drop me off at my home and go back to your own.  It’ll be a tale enough.”  Tait pauses staring at the distant shore.  “Most of the crew should stay on the ship.  It’ll be safer for them.”

“Derrick will man the ship and anyone who wishes to stay on it.”  Cyro nods flipping through his pages.  “He gave me five days before leaving.”

“Five days…”  I exhale trying to grasp what that time frame actually means.  “I should sleep tonight, then.”

“You don’t have a bunk, do you?”  Cyro looks up at me.  His book is still open.  “You can sleep there.”

Shifting to free myself of dragon, I stand.  “I’ll go find one.  One of them have to be free.  Wake me up tomorrow before we land.  I’m strong enough to be on the surface if you need an extra set of hands.”

“Actually, it’s not that you can’t.”  Cyro sits up watching me head inside.  I pause.  “Derrick wants you to watch the other bloods.  Rich is too young even if he could take it on.  Can you do that?”

“Oh.”  I turn to the door.  “I’ll go find Derrick then.”

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