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If I could spend time with anyone for a few hours, who would it be and what would be do?

Open question. A fun question.

The more I try to answer these questions, the more I realize I’m asexual. Damn. Or maybe I wouldn’t want to force anyone. Yeah let’s lean toward the latter explanation.


Who would I want to hang out with for a few hours? Okay, if this person disappears from my life, they would be top mark: Cyro. But I spend far more than a few hours with them. It’s to the point of I’d pick a ton of people before picking them. I love Cyro. They’d be the top of the list if I didn’t see them all day every day.

So excluding the annoying child, I’d pick GD. Oh, you’re seeing a theme in my thoughts. I don’t care. I can fall for whoever I want. You didn’t give me limits. Ugh… I’d accept a lot of options honestly. He’s where I wish I could be. He’s at a place I can’t reach. Just a little slice of that life would suit. Creative freedom is something… I’ll never be able to live on.

The who is decided. What would we do? So I’m thinking of making up some delicious chocolate chip waffles while we chat about words and art and life. I’m so lame. Get a super star in your life only to make him food and chat about nonsense.

Maybe it’s my desire to see him as just a human before everything else. To remind myself he’s one human who fought and succeeded at this game of life. Maybe he has some tips I could use. Although probably not useful to me where I am.

Maybe I’ll just show off my writing and see what his input would be. Hand him signed author copies. Thank him for keeping me more sane and stable.

Really, I would want to hang out with GD and make waffles. Something so mundane and simple. Yet for this one special moment where I can chose anyone and do anything, I wouldn’t want to make it so grand it sounds impossible. I wouldn’t mind doing things, but I’d rather just learn. What can he teach me? What can I teach him?

I would want to hang out with GD and make waffles. Something so mundane and simple.

I can teach him how to make my fancy waffles. I can start there. While praising him for everything.

I’m such a fool. Why am I even writing this? This isn’t possible. I should make a post about my desire to model. That may be more likely.
No. That’s an impossible goal for a 33 year old. It didn’t happen at 13. I didn’t fight for it back then. I should accept it’s impossible now. Just like chatting with a famous singer. I’m a fool to believing in fairy tales.

**EDIT**:: Not editing the blog post. I’m not changing things here. I tried making waffles. Because they’re waffles. And failed. Ugh. It was edible, but I was going for five star delicious. Bah. I’m better than this.

[About Cat Hartliebe]

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