Nanowrimo 2019

[About Cat Hartliebe]

I posted before I was probably going to do nano this year. I am. I also said I probably won’t be active in the forums or trying to go to write ins.

So I’m a social butterfly. (I feel more as if a social cicada, but it’s close.)

You can spot me trying to be socially awkward here:

As for my story and what I’m doing as a writer during… There are words. More than sixteen thousand of them. The count keeps going up. This is me hating my main character. I’m slow because of that. Not because I have a ton to do. I don’t. Not really. What I can do is limited due to my health. It’s like nine times out of ten, I should be lying in bed trying to sleep. That’s the state where I can do little more than write or read. It’s why I can do this job while being half functioning. Even now as I write, I should be choosing sleep. I hate sleeping. I hate needing to sleep all the time. I hate how my body fails to work. It fucking sucks.

(Still failing to find a doctor who listens.)

Anyway, I am 16k+ through this story. She’s a white feminist who thinks her life is one big hell party. It’s not that bad. I swear. She’s at the point in her life where she never wants a real mate. She wants to just be a safety mate forever. I put her in the same space as her true mate. 😛 He doesn’t really want her either because well she’s blind to racism. And he’s black. And he’s been treated very poorly for being black. So they’re refusing to flirt while being unable to stop it. Quite fun.

I got two twenty somethings who are trying to figure out their place in the world. Throughout the book they’ll need to help figure out each other’s place in the world. Plus she needs to either become an elite doctor or give up on it. And the whole child concern she has will need to emotionally handle.

Not sure exactly which direction I’ll put him on. I have a few ideas for him to try. She’s more my focus (she’s self centered). Plus I have several background events happening. Rylee and Anthony are having trouble. Yoda and Claudia exist. Tanya and Newt haven’t come up. That may or may not. Lucas and Melissa have been mentioned with a fear underlying. Joe and Amy are a thing that’ll show up again, although there may be little change.

Munezero and Rania is a must. That’s next on my list of annoyances for the pair.

I mean fun events happening in their near future. It will be fun to…

There is a reason I picked Hartliebe for my name. It means tough love. And I offer it. But the best way to change is being forced against your version of hell. For this character I’m showing the world beyond her tunnel. She needs to see it. She’ll progress as a person or die. Do I make her a sheep? Should I do that? I don’t want to. Yet I feel that’s an option. It’s still an option with everything I’m putting before her.

I like happily ever after. Will this be one? Or will it end as horror should?


Check me out on Seriously. I accept all friends. 16k in and I am not sure which ending I’ll chose.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Modern Werewolves]

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