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I’ve made a few word crawls now. Still set up for low word counts. That doesn’t mean you can’t pick numbers for yourself that are higher. Such as every level is fifty words or every number is times five. When I’m doing Cyro’s word crawls, I stick with the low ball numbers. The thing is, I don’t check every twenty words, so my “Write twenty words” ends up being 50 words written. It’s then I realize, I beat the number. Or I wait for Cyro to beat twenty words and we move on together.

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If there is a word crawl you wish for me to do, ask. This was me not working on Nanowrimo. But I didn’t really want to anyway.

Werewolf Word Crawl

You start your day late. It’s already 6pm! (Write 20 words to wake up for your “day”.)

Why would you think the perfect start is at 6pm? Take a few wild guesses. (Write fifteen words.)

You are actually a werewolf! Surprise! (Write 20 words.)

Have a very nutritious meal of meat and more meat. Meat is essential. (Write 25 words.)

Now that you’re a full werewolf, you can pretend to be human. (Write 15 words.)

Time for work! What do you do? Graveyard shift, obviously. Make sure no one bothers the dead bodies. (Write 15 words.)

Except for Edward. He collects good bodies for future endeavors. Don’t ask questions. He pays good money for your silence. (Write 30 words.)

The graveyard is hopping today. Weird. It’s April. (Write 20 words.)

Checking out the people, it seems there is a pokemon go event. Those only bring out the weirdos. (Write 15 words.)

Safe weirdos. They only help situations. As long as they respect the graveyard, things are good. (Write ten words.)

So you work on keeping up the death zone while ignoring the strange people holding up their phones and shouting, “Gotcha Catch ‘Em All!” (Write twenty words.)

The graves look spotless. (Write ten words.)

The problem is it wasn’t you. Who cleaned the graves? (Write fifteen words.)

“Coming through!” The loud voice isn’t easy to gauge over the pokemon go players. (Write fifteen words.)

When you find it, there are screams as normal humans run off waving phones everywhere. You hear the wild, “Pokemon aren’t worth it!” That’s abnormal. (Write twenty five words.)

The person driving a moped down the aisle between graves is shooting blanks into the air. Or at least you hope it’s blanks. (Write twenty words.)

“No one is allowed here past eight!” The guy turns to you. (Write twelve words.)

You are supposed to be here. You are paid to be here. Which means this stranger isn’t supposed to be here. And he is disturbing the peace. Why is there trouble tonight? (Write thirty words.)

Once the terrified humans are gone, you walk over to the guy on the moped. “Hey.” (Write ten words.)

That gets you shot at. It’s a blank as you expected. Thank goodness.  (Write twenty words.)

The guy races toward you holding out the gun like a weapon. (Write fifteen words.)

That means you have to defend. Let’s see if you can manage a good enough defense. You’re a werewolf. Prove it. (Word sprint: 5 minutes. Fifty words or repeat.)

The guy spins facing you again. They put the weapon away and pull out another. This one looks nasty. Another gun. Another threat. Get ready. (Write twenty words.)

They lift the gun up staring you straight on. “Leave or die, punk.” (Write fifteen words.)

“I work here. I’m the graveyard shift. You get out.” You snarl back. (Write ten words.)

“Your loss.” The guy fires. (Write fifteen words.)

It’s a normal bullet. You’re a wolf. The wound heals easily enough. (Write twenty words.)

The guy stares at the healed wound and the shirt’s gaping hole. (Write ten words.)

They pull a few new bullets out of their pocket and slide it into the gun. “Otherworldly, eh?” (Write twenty words.)

The next hit stings, but heals like normal. (Write fifteen words.)

“Not a fae.” Another shot. (Write sprint: 5 minutes. 50 words or repeat)

You manage to dodge this one. The bullet hits the ground behind you as you gain distance from the crazy lunatic. (Write twenty five words.)

“Get back here, Nasty!” The guy’s moped starts up again. (Write eighteen words.)

Dodging about the graveyard has you wishing you didn’t show up today. (Write twenty words.)

Finally the guy manages a real hit against you. (Write twenty words.)

The wolf inside surges forward. It’s night time. Always a threat to have him out. (Write fifty words.)

When you come back around wearing tatters instead of clothes, there is blood and guts everywhere. (Write fifteen words.)

Now what are you going to do? (Write ten words.)

“Well, that’s it for this job and town.” You stand up and clean up your mess as much as possible. (Write twenty words.)

You pack up before the morning light. You pass by the graveyard where police are dealing with the dead body. (Write twenty words.)


You have managed to escape notice and injury.

And you wrote at least 785 words!!

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