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So I made a special book for a beta reader. It has four stories that are more first draft than final. So I really didn’t want to show it off to the public. You can buy it right now. But only right now. I wanted an author copy of a legit book for my beta reader.

KDP has this thing where they put a big proof line across the cover of a book. Createspace didn’t do that. I’m not worried about this particular book being mistaken for a final product. I’m publishing it for an author copy and then I’m pulling it. It’s marked at $50. There is no ebook. This way I can get a legit published book for my beta reader. It cost me seven dollars.

If you are interested in this type of thing, I can make it a proof copy special for you. Or I can do this. It’s easy creating a pdf or mobi file. So if you want an ebook without going through channels, I’m down. I can offer ANY of my books through ebook without so much as a howdy do.

I don’t know what I’m really writing about. I’m lost as to the purpose of this post.

Hey buy my books. Or ask for a copy. Or ask for a non-final book. I have so many options.

Leave a message if you’re interested. I need someone to be interested.

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