SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 47 : Kassandra and Dominik

The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper starts off as any other low brow elf seeking a real place in life.  He didn’t think the real place would be babysitter to a dragon.  Part of him wishes the dragon mother decided on eating him instead of shoving him into this new role.  What was he thinking getting involved with Linda or Hartliebe or thinking he deserved more in life than running a beer company.  Beer is his life.  Or it was.  His life now seems a lot different.  And scary.
Genres: Adventure, fantasy

[WIP: The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper]

Kassandra and Dominik

Before I know it a flash of light crosses our path.  It goes right through our group running off again.  The shock leaves us unaware for quite a while.  Someone was taken.  By something.  “Olivia?”  Kassandra runs about the group trying to find her partner.  “Leah, Olivia was taken.”

The leader looks up at the sky.  We are limited on time and we have a ways to go yet.  He turns to Tait.  “What was that?”

“I don’t know.  I don’t recall a being of that speed here.”  He rubs his chin.  “But I haven’t been here in a few decades.”

“So, we take a vote.”  Leah holds up her hammer.  “All who are in favor of rescuing the damsel say ‘Aye’.”  Besides Ethan and I the rest are a chorus of ayes.  Even Cyro who looks amused by the task ahead of us.  “The ayes have it.  We go after the speedy beast.”

We turn off the path and head for the creature who stole our companion.  I glance at Ethan.  “Is there a spell we could use?”

“Probably.  Do you know of a seeker spell, Cyro?”  Ethan taps the dragon before him.

“No.”  Cyro frowns then looks at my wand.  “Use Mother’s wand.  It should work for Olivia.”

“I don’t know her, though.”  I frown well aware of the limits to a magic like seek.

“Here.”  Ethan holds up the pack on his back.  “She made this pack.”

Still annoyed to be doing this, I hold the pack before me and ask the wand to seek Olivia.  A thin white light directs us forward.

“Did it work?”  Ethan asks me looking in all directions.

“Yeah.  You don’t see the white light?”  I pass my fingers through it.  Just white light.  “Cyro?”  Cyro shakes his head.  Ethan confusingly stares at me.  “Alright.  We’re headed in the right way.  Can you pass along the information to those ahead of us…”

The three of us turn back to the group.  They had sped up and are no longer in sight.  “Well, I’ll use a seek spell on them later if we cannot find them.”  I take on the role of leader following the white light.  We stay on task.  Ethan goes slower marking the path the girls went.

At a fork in our not quite path, Ethan stops us.  The white light has me taking the right path.  But the Mad Hatters split up.  Ethan hides his sword looking us over.  “I’ll go this way and help them.  You guys continue on the path to save Olivia.”  He waves speeding up his job.

Cyro looks at me then at the path before us.  “Who do you think went this way?”

“They’ll probably be killed if we don’t move faster.”  I pick up speed following the light.

We are not running top speed, which is good for two reasons.  For one I almost trip over a tree root in the way.  It would have been embarrassing if not painful.  The second reason comes with the soft cries of pain just off the path.

“Kassandra?”  I look at her mangled.  Her hair, normally well handled is everywhere.  And I mean everywhere as if someone shaved it poorly.

“Ow…”  She moves, but not really.  Her body would probably end if we do not heal her.  Good thing Cat taught me that Heal spell.  It will not fully heal her, but maybe she’ll be able to walk out of this.

“Hold still.”  I lean over focusing my entire will into the spell.  It hurts as it transfers my energy into the body before me.  But I smile at my patient.  She looks soothed by the words and spellwork.  No pain, no gain.  With the end of the spell, I sit down holding myself together with willpower.

“Thank you.”  Her eyes well with tears.  Glancing about her body, I can see a broken arm.  Heal did not help that.  It healed the bleeding and bruises.  It is not strong enough to fix broken bones.  “I…”

Cyro helps her stand up.  “You need to return to the ship and get real healing.”

“I can’t… Not until Olivia is rescued.  I’ll go with her.”  Kassandra looks about.  “Do you know where she is?”

I look at the white line glad it’s still there.  “Yup.  Let’s go.”  I stand slowly and walk slowly.  Cyro has Kassandra on her feet.  Once my eyes stabilize and my feet hold my weight without a problem again, we start on a speed more useable to reaching the missing Mad Hatter.

When we reach a dead end, the line tells us to go forward still.  Not up, just forward.  I look at Cyro.  “The white light goes into the rock.”  I point at the empty rock wall.

“Alright.”  Cyro walks forward and slams a fist into the center of the rock.  He gets the spot where the white light is by sheer luck.  And with that attack, the rock collapses under the pressure.  Behind the rock wall stands a tunnel.  Kassandra and I stare at him mouth open wide.  He blinks.  “You couldn’t see the tunnel behind the wall?  I…”  He stops shaking it off.  “Let’s go.  It’s common dragon technique to put up barriers like that.”

“Dragon…”  Kassandra whitens as we enter.  And I don’t think her loss of color has to do with her broken arm.  It shouldn’t hurt much, she just cannot use it.

Cyro nods recalling a torch and lights it on the wall.  “We should be closer.  Can you see the white light?”


“Lead away, Dominik.”  Cyro steps aside so I can take lead position again.  The white light offers a little sight of what’s ahead, but no more than a torch would.  Probably even less if it was just the white light offering vision.

The long tunnel has us walking what feels like forever.  And with the tunnel being just an empty den, I shiver.  A soft dripping of water fills a small pool.  A few bones and scurrying of insects mean this was in use, if not too long ago.  I keep my mind focused on our task.

When the light turns off in the distance, I expect something, but we only end up going toward light.  And as we reach closer, we hear signs of battle.  Before we reach the battle and the sunlight, we find Olivia.  She looks exhausted, asleep even.  Kassandra forces a drink to her nose.  When Olivia breathes in, she coughs jolting from the smell.

“You’re awake!”  Kassandra wraps her good arm around Olivia.  The Mad Hatters turns to the battle now that she is functioning.

Cyro nods before the two can say anything.  “Let’s solve the problem, Dominik.”

“Alright.”  I walk out into the sunlight ignoring the two injured females.

Outside several of the Mad Hatters are lying in the dirt exhausted.  Ethan has a bow set on the edge of the area and shoots in.  The enemy, when it speeds past me, has two arrows in it.  It has not slowed much from the wounds.  And no other damage seems to be done to it.  Yet our side looks half dead already.

My stop spell does not hit him.  He moved too fast even if I thought I directed right.  Cyro goes in and jumps on his back.  The baby dragon does not last there, but the thing is slowed enough to see it.  The body looks about the size of a horse?  Maybe?  With green streaks all over with an underlay of red.  Scales like a reptile.  Then it tosses Cyro with a flap of its leathery wings.

The word leaves everyone who has sight of the thing, “Dragon.”

Tait slides in next to me watching the battle with vague interest.  “This is boring.  Can’t you stop it?”

“Nope.  My magic is dragon based.”  The wand twirls in my hand.  My real spells are defensive or support.  If only Cat was here.  Not even Amanda’s magic is making a difference.  She also has an injury I should see to.  If I could get across the area without getting injured myself.

Tait moves to chat with those in the cave entrance.  I head for the demon.  She may refuse my magic anyway.  Healing elves should be different than demon heals.   I reach Amanda as she blasts the dragon thing with fire.  She breathes heavily falling to the ground.  A shield keeps the dragon from hitting her.  I increase her shield as I reach her.

“Hey.”  She holds her leg where a slash has gotten her.

“How were you standing with that?”  Her pants are never going to be nice again.

“Will power.”  She tosses back her head.  Her chest raises and falls, not something I expect from a demon.  Demons do not have a heartbeat or need to breathe.  Amanda must be severely in trouble.  “How do we win?”

“I don’t know.”  I bandage her wounds with the supply Leah packed me.

Amanda does not even flinch.  “Good to know I’m not the only clueless one.”

“Ethan’s arrows have hit.”

“His first fourteen didn’t.  Somehow those two were by luck.  He’s sent out several more that haven’t done a thing.  And most of us are exhausted.”


She leans forward coming back down from her pain high.  “Yeah, most.  A few minutes and I’ll fight it again.  But I could use a suggestion.”

“Got me.”  I shrug looking at Cyro sitting up half unstable.  “Even Dragon Cyro looks depressed.”

“But not truly injured.  He needs to get back in there.  If he can slow… Well he can slow the beast and maybe we can do something.”  Amanda tosses her hair aside staring at the dragon coming this way.  “Crap.”


“The dragon has a target.”  Amanda crawls back.

I turn to see the dragon attacking the shield surrounding me.  “Drop me from your shield.”

“Done and done…”  If Amanda said more I have no idea what because the dragon jumps on me.

The claws hit my body but do not shred me.  I stare up at the dragon trying its best.  This means my dragon protections outweigh the baby dragon.  “Cyro!”

“Coming.”  He runs across the field.  “Ethan, do you think?”

“No way.  He’s got blood.  I don’t.”  Ethan calls from somewhere behind the tree line.

My hands reach up to collar the dragon during his attack.  The pain, although there, can be ignored since it does not create injury.  Cyro soon jumps on the dragons back.

“The electric.  Go ahead.  I’ll survive.”

“I may hit…”  Cyro nods without finishing his statement.  Soon enough the staff breaks free of Cat’s spell and shocks everyone in a five feet radius.  Which hopefully is only me, Cyro, and the baby.  Since I cannot take his damage, I’m out of helping the rest of them.  As long as the dragon baby is also down, I don’t care.

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