Book Review: Bisection by Kenton Hall


One of the keys to learning about people is to listen. This book was a great tool to get inside the head of someone completely different and realize, they aren’t that different after all. Bipolar, twins, and abusive relationship with the arts? This must be insanity. And it is. But it’s understandable. It’s easy to zoom through (as long as you don’t get too caught up in the occasional big word or Latin quote).

Being forced to put it down was cruel and it was never far from my thoughts until I could pick it up again and finish.

Who should read this? Literally everyone who has ever dealt with mental health field. I wish I had the funds to buy a copy for every psych program I’ve been forced through. Everyone is a little bit different. And this different may fall into the extremes. But, it’s an extreme you don’t see often in print. People are scared to just throw it all down on paper and show the world. It’s a proof that “crazy” is an accurate term. So often media is wrong in their depictions because of who made the character never gave the research the deepness it should.

I highly recommend Bisection by Kenton Hall.

To prove my point (and give you insight to how the author writes) I’ll leave with a quote.

P13: Everyone tells you that the moment you see your child for the first time, your entire life changes. I never really knew what they meant, and to be honest, at least one of those people swore by the healing power of crystals, so I was reserving my judgement. In this case, however, even Hippie McWhackjob was right on the money. Every trace of the man I’d been – every selfish impulse, every ill-conceived scheme, every artistic indulgence – disappeared as I gazed down on my newly arrived daughters.

Publisher’s book link  Amazon US  Kenton Hall’s blog Kenton Hall’s FB  goodreads link

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