Nanowrimo2019 Update

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So it’s the end of the month. Nanowrimo is almost over for the year. Where am I?

I’m over 75k into the story. I hated the mc to begin with. I never particularly liked the story. And I like it even less the way it’s turning out.
I’ll finish it eventually.
I’m not finishing it this month.
My word counts will continue going a little bit up each day as I sit down to work on it, but I’ll spend much of my writing time of other things. I have a book I’m finishing up for December 3rd. That’s where my energy should be.

I completed nano, but I’m not completing the story right now.

I did create a short during the month that’s excluded. I’ve done some marketing stuff (which has failed, but shrug). Editing has been an always thing anymore.
There is a ton of stuff I can do besides this project.

Anyone else just tired of their story?

I’m tired of my characters, the story, even the series. There are so many pieces to this one. I’m ready to throw the puzzle in the trash.

I won’t. When I get some downtime, I’m weigh how to finish out the story and just finish it. I need a break from them. There will be no new Modern Werewolves stories until this one ends. That’s how it works.

So I’ll write a little something every day until the end of the month. And I’ll finish the final edits on Dragon Rider 6th Grade. I’ll work on rewriting Modern Werewolves and Dragon Rider. I get edits and formatting done on the same series.

Plus if I need breaks from both series, I can write up some First Meeting stories. I like those shorts. I have several ideas running about my head. And I need to write poetry. I always need more poetry in my life. I’m goaling 10 a month. I’m only half way for this month. It would suck to fail in the first month of the challenge.

Anyone else just done even if they didn’t succeed at the story in its entirety?

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