Poem: The Mirror Lies

((My question is why I chose this narrator. This is not me. Although the sentiments the same. The mirror definitely lies.))

The Mirror Lies!

I refuse to even look at it
it never tells the truth
how can I look like that
the mirror lies all the time

No woman could look like that
the mirror must be lying
my hair isn’t short
and it doesn’t grow there
and who thinks a woman
lacks that much in breast

The mirror lies to me
don’t believe it
it never tells the honest truth
that isn’t what’s inside
it is the mirror’s fault

I set the wig upon my head
my painted nail are perfect
the dress curves everywhere
I am the proper woman

It is the mirror that offers lies
what I am underneath it all
is still the woman standing here
ignore the looks the mirror tells
it’s not to be trusted
never; not ever
the mirror is the one who lies

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