Pokemon Word Crawl (Cont 3) by Cyro

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This is Cyro and I am doing a Pokemon word crawl. A word crawl is meant to boost word counts on a story quickly. Since I am for lower totals than a typical writer, the required words to move on are low.


You picked Squirtle! (That was a 25 words.)

Your best friend wants to battle. You have advantage. (Word sprint. Write ten words in 5 minutes. Repeat until success.)

“Curses,” your friend says as you say “Yes!” jumping up and down. (Write 20 words.)

You received a potion. Potions count for 10 words in battles. (Write 20 words.)

You received a pokedex. (Write ten words.)

You receive pokeballs. (10 word sprint: number of words divided by ten equals number of pokeballs you get.)

You leave Professor Oak’s lab and head on  route 1. (write 15 words.)

A pigdey attacks you! Go Squirtle! (write 20 words)

Squirtle used Bubble. (Write ten words.)

The Pidgey dodged it and use quick attack.  (Write 20 words.)

Squirtle used tackle. Squirtle jumped. (Write ten words.)

The Pigdey dodged the tackle and Squirtle recoils into it’s shell slamming in to the ground.(Write ten words.)

pidgey used peck. (Write ten words.)

Squirtle used bubble. The pigdey fainted. (write 20 words)

Throw the pokeball! (5 minute word sprint. write ten words.)

Success! We caught a new pokemon. (Write 50 words.)pid

we need to get to a pokecenter. let’s run to viridian city. (write 30 words)

You reach the pokecenter. nurse joy heals your pokemon. (write thirty words)

let’s go train in viridian forest. (write ten words.)

The weedles and caperpies are a breeze. (write twenty words.)

caterpie and weedle

You wanna capture one? Let’s capture weedle! (Use a pokeball: Word sprint: 5 minutes; 25 words.)

[If you run out of pokeballs. Return to town and collect more.: (10 word sprint: number of words divided by ten equals number of pokeballs you get.)]

how about a caterpie? (Use a pokeball: Word sprint: 5 minutes; 25 words.)

two more pokemon! let’s celebrate. (write 50 words.)

let’s go heal weedle and caterpie while battling with charmander on the way. (write 20 words.)

You reach the pokecenter. Nurse Joy heals your Pokemon. (write thirty words)

i heard there is a gym in this town. let’s go look for it. (Write 10 words.)

It’s closed! I doubt there is any other gym in the region that is closed. okay. so that did not work out. (Write 20 words.)

let’s go train some with Caterpie and Weedle. (write 20 words)

Oh. Weedle is evolving. (write ten words.)

it evolved into kakuna. Let’s celebrate. (Write ten words in celebration.)

Let’s train Caterpie until it evolves. (Write twenty words.)

Caterpie is evolving. (write ten words.)

It evolved into metapod. Let’s celebrate. (write 10 words)

let’s evolve pidgey. ( word sprint. 25 words in five minutes. repeat until success.)

Pigdey is evolving. (Write 10 words.)

It evolved into pigdeotto. Let’s celebrate. (Write 10 words.)

why don’t we head for the gym? our Pokemon are probably strong enough. (Write 30 words to get to Pewter City.)

all right. let’s heal at the pokecenter first. (Write 30 words)

(To be continued…)

[About Cyro Hartliebe] [Writer’s Stuff] [Cyro’s Pokemon Stuff]

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