SS The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper:: Chapter 50 : Tom and Dominik

The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper starts off as any other low brow elf seeking a real place in life.  He didn’t think the real place would be babysitter to a dragon.  Part of him wishes the dragon mother decided on eating him instead of shoving him into this new role.  What was he thinking getting involved with Linda or Hartliebe or thinking he deserved more in life than running a beer company.  Beer is his life.  Or it was.  His life now seems a lot different.  And scary.
Genres: Adventure, fantasy

[WIP: The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper]

Tom and Dominik

Kevin and Cyro move swift through the forest.  Keeping up is possible, but recognizing where we are going and how to get there is beyond me.  This blue dragon, Tom has their minds and thus my full attention.  When we reach the area Tom controls, we are blasted with a large amount of water.  If the dragons weren’t in front of me getting hit first, I’d probably be unconscious now.  Direct hits would be bad for me.  Not unless I get some magic defenses going.

“Wait, Tom!”  Kevin calls out.  Cyro steps back blocking me.  Guess he noticed the level of spell here.  Another blast of water and Cyro steps behind me.  The full hit has me dizzy and dropping to the ground.  Drowning.  I’m drowning on land.  When the water stops, I gulp down air unaware of the surrounding world.

“We don’t want to hurt you.”  I blink trying to recognize who that is.  Cyro?  Kevin?  Another blast of water, but it fails to hit me.  All it does it make me wetter.  Cyro places a hand on my chest keeping me on the ground.  “We don’t mean any harm.”

A large long hiss comes with a slap of water.  Tom must be under water now.  Cyro sighs sitting behind me.  “Well, that will take some time.  Blue dragons are master swimmers.  I couldn’t keep up.”

Rubbing my head I sit up.  “How long was I..?”

“A few minutes.”  Kevin stares at the water.  “Tom attacked as I said he would.”  He turns to Cyro.  “I’m surprised you didn’t get hurt.”

“I was ready for the attack.”  Cyro shakes it off.  “Although, I don’t trust myself standing at the moment.”

“Shift.”  I move away from him.  “I’ll…”

The massive dragon forms next to me pushing me aside.  His scales of shimmering blue and silver have me cover my eyes.  The sun could barely reach here, but the water reflects his scales making a mirror that is too bright.

“You’re huge.”  Kevin shakes his head backing off.

“Not really.”  Cyro lies on his stomach pulling in his legs to reduce his size even a little bit.  “I feel better in this form.  It helps.”

“Defenses should be higher.”  I nod getting up to stretch out the muscle hit by the water breathe.  “Tom is not a nice dragon.”

“He’s nice.”  Tait comments from the tree edge.  “It’s been a tough couple of years.  I’ll find him.”

Kevin motions to the water.  “Go ahead.  We cannot catch up with a water dragon.”  We could only watch as Tait sinks into the water in search of the disappearing dragon.

I turn to Cyro.  “Well that wasn’t very fun.”

“I wish I could dry us off.  Where’s Cat when you need her?”  Cyro sinks.

Holding out Hartliebe’s wand, I call out, “Dry.”  A massive wind gust passes by the trio.  Shivering over the intense cold air has me dry when it leaves. “That spell sucked.”

“That’s the problem with vague spells.”  Cyro paws the ground.  “Alright, I’m switching back.”  He flashes and returns to his humanoid form.  “Better.”

“You’re…”  Kevin shakes it off.  “I cannot shift like that.”

“I cannot shift to whatever I want.  I just have dragon form and human form.”  Cyro weighs his hands a little.  “Mother can do anything she wants to.  If she’s seeing humans, she’s human.  If it’s elves, she’s an elf.  When she visits with her pride of lions, there she is a lion.”  Cyro sighs.  “It took me forever to figure out shifting to human.”

“So that’s your form.”  I stare at him.

“You never met a human before?”

“Before you, I never met anything besides an elf and the animals of the forest.  Even sheep was a vague concept in my mind.  At least I heard of sheep.  Never heard of a human.”

“You need to get out more.”  Cyro walks over to slap me on the back.  I double over still injured from the water blast.  “Sorry, normally, you are stronger and…”

“Still down from the water.”  I cough out.  “That Tom dragon was nasty.”

“Yeah, he is.”  Kevin frowns.  “He can’t fly, but he can attack.  And he can swim.  He wasn’t strong enough to defeat Doug.  He probably fled because we weren’t going down or away like he wanted.”

“Start with your most powerful weapon and flee if it doesn’t work.”  Cyro sits down watching the water.  “Sounds like a plan I’d use.  If I had a most powerful weapon.”

“Can’t you blast lightning?”  I ask him.

“Ah… um… well… I should be able to.”  Cyro scratches his chin glancing at me.  “I still don’t have control.”

“And your fire breathe.”  I touch my face glad to know the scars and burn marks are gone.  Thanks to Cat.

“Sorry.  I’ll learn more control.”  Cyro shrinks.  “It’s not easy.”

“Tell me about it.”  I sit down at his side watching the water.  “I cannot even manage Hartliebe’s wand well.”

“You made the stop spell work.”

“By luck.”  I glance over at Kevin.  The dragon’s eyes are set on the water.  Tom will eventually resurface.  Faster if Tait manages as he is supposed to.  “Hey, Kevin, why don’t you join us?”

Kevin shakes his head again.  “I’m too big to sit next to you guys.”

I pat the ground.  “Well, you can shift too.  It’s a dragon thing.”

“I…”  Kevin stops.

“Don’t bother him.  I took several years to be able to shift.  That’s several years of practicing.”  Cyro waves it off.  “How long do you think it’ll take…?”

Tait pops up out of the water.  His ghostly form looks perfectly normal half in and half out of the lake.  “Guys, Tom thinks you’re going to attack him.”

“Great.”  I roll my eyes.  “Try to help the guy and he thinks we’ll kill him.”

“We did kill Doug.”  Kevin comments.  “But I like Tom.”

“He was always a little off, but not bad.”  Tait nods.  “He… I don’t know how to explain it.  He seems happy here.  The mermaids visit him, you know.”

I glance to the sky.  “We are passing through time.  Derrick will leave without us if we don’t hurry up and solve the riddle of Terrick Isle.”

“Yeah.”  Cyro stands up dusting himself off.  “Let’s go, Tait.  Off to Nothing Hill.”

“Why go there?”  Kevin holds his ground as we start our trek.

“The book told me too.”  Cyro taps his book about Kevin Hopper.  “The Sapphire Room was never mentioned, but Tait has a connection.  Wanna come?”

Kevin looks back at the water where Tom went.  With the blue dragon hidden away under the lake’s surface, Kevin follows the group to the Nothing Hill.  Sapphire Room will offer more than the lake where Tom hides.  “Okay.  I’ll come.”

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